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Table Of Contents 

Opening . 1 

Dedication 16 

Academics 18 

Student Life 38 

Administration 68 

Athletics 80 

Organizations 90 

Closing 112 

Epilogue 128 



Surry Community Collage IRC 

P, 0. Bo* 304 
Dobson, NC 27017 

The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Surry Community College 
Dobson, Morth Carolina 

1993 Lancer 

Opening 1 




Returning students saw several changes on August 31. l* 
hew students, beginning their college research projects, wer 
introduced to a computerized card catalog that enables ther 
to access books in seconds* The snack bar imported "Clearly 
Canadian" and sold fruit juices alongside the familiar soft 
drinks and snack items, 

The campus itself hasn't changed much, except that the 
school spent 530,000 to have the grave! pit behind the elec- 
tronics building paved . Parking is still very frustrating at best. 
The environment has become an important nineties issue since 
Its obvious deterioration surfaced 40 years ago. 

Despite advances in technology, science and psychology, 
modem mans problems are essentially the same as they have 
always been, The only true constant is profoundly this: The 
more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Frustrated by the parking ticket hcjusl received from Comptrol- 
ler Debt" Eld ridge, Kevin Pack wads up his ticket, dons his 
helmet and decides Its lime to get the hell out of Dodge. 

"Did you want salt and pepper? What about oil and vinegar? " 
asks Le*gh Reece. working at Subway Isn't the most exciting 
Job; but, hey, at least It's a Job, 

School work can surely build up a thirst, so freshman Janella 
Sparks chills with the cool, clean taste of "Clearly Canadian," 

2 The More Things Change - - 

Tn&h Hunt "p'tchcs < n " her contribution to saving the environ- 
ment, The plastic containers ^cre provided by SQA members and 
are maintained by various campus clubs. 

Computers, a significant improvement from the card catalog, were 
installed in the Learning Resources Center this past summer. Jennifer 
holder uses a computer to locate the boohs she needs. 

"I was pulling for Carolina In 1957 ivhen 
they played Kansas and won the ntAA, I 
was Just a mere ladf 

Dr. Norwood 5 el by dresses and acts more like a fanatical basket- 
ball fan than the new Language Arts Division chairman, but his 
heart's In the right place. Although donned in nC State's colors, 
Selby Is a true blue Carolina fan. fie ought to be. he's a 1970 
graduate of the University of north Carolina at Chapel Mill, With a 
master's degree from there and a doctorate from the University of 
South Carolina, he ought to be pretty educated. So, don't let his 
jovial nature fool you. He's smarter than you think 

The More They Stay The Same. J 

"Ya^bafla-ba-da/' says Scott Slack as lie avails lor 
hk free Ice cream cone, 

electrical Club membct Stewart taste t p,i: 
pates in Student Appreciation Day by Intlattm? ■ 
urn balloons 

Rigtii tenter: Students and staff alike Joinc- 
Utile post-awards Jig to music provided by DJ Tam- 
my Thompson. 

Sherry fill lings demonstrates to last years StjA 
President. Lisa MtdklfT the Importance or the fash- 
Ion accessory. 

High i: Even after working up a huge appetite playing basketball , Patrick Spence 
and Scott Brunei look at the buffet and wonder, "Are we really tfraf hungry?" 

4 Student Appreciation Day 

The joy of hard-earned achievement can easily be seen on the face of Andrea 
Johnson as Kathy Woodruff presents her with an award In nursing. 

Joey Alverado places Jackie Paytoft In a choke hold 
after she refuses 10 give Mm yd another free drinking 

un Tor All 

iclement weather at the 16th annual Student Ap* 
preciation Day, held nay 6. 1992, attendance was good. 

The ceremony began at 11:15 a.m. when Mike Merfone. 
Dean of Student Sendees, welcomed all attendees and Intro- 
duced guest speaker Mike Helms, Helms, a former Wake 
Forest basketball player, spoke of his own harrowing drug 
and alcohol abuse which destroyed his professional sports 
career, landed him in prison, and nearly ended his life. 

At the completion of Helms's emotional speech, club advi- 
sors ascended the floor to distribute various awards. Follow 
frig the awards ceremony* a buffet luncheon consisting, of hot 
dogs and hamburgers was served. Shortly thereafter the 
Mount Airy martial arts group held an energetic demonstra- 
tion in the physical education building. 

Meanwhile, a co-ed volleyball tournament and foul shot 
competition developed in the gym; and. in the cafeteria, PJ 
Tommy Thompson was busy knocking out tunes for those 
participating in the Math Club's dance contest. 

Student AppreciaUon Day 5 

Just Say "No!" 

Mickey Rogers, a^k.a. 'Mr. Safe St*. 1 " shows "Here's a cup to remember your exhausting year at 5CC*" says Jackie Payton lo rier 
how to properly Inflate a condom. Mend Dee Dee Need ham. 

Mm 1 1 

Student Appreciation Day also provides an opportunity for students him 
tnman and Stephanie Key to show Ihelr overwhelming desire for affec- 

6 Student Appreciation Day 

""Mom, ir you see this, please don't be disap- 
After giving his speech on drug awareness. Mike Helms plays the name game with painted," says Garland Foindexter. "I promise I 
students, didn't Inhale/' 

Faculty members enjoy the buffet that was offered during, the festivities. 

Returning the ball to the serving team, Srltt 
Wright exhibits his professional volleyball tech- 

Student Appreciation Day 7 

He the gloominess and rain, graduation run 
smoothly, Molhlrsfl could destroy the joy of ihosc who 
had anticipated this nk\hi and their diplomas for so 


Liken KSdd and ttetr> Deck serve refreshments to 
iuat«. frtendi 3fld family following the ceremo- 

8 Graduation 1992 

nothing can quite compare with the pride that graduates feel in accom- 
plfshing their goals. Graduation highlights that success as those who 
have completed their course requirements are recognized for reaching 
this plateau. 

Of the 339 members of the class of 1992, 174 participated in SCC J S 
25th commencement exercises held Friday evening, May 27. Receiving 
Associate in Applied Science degrees were 191 candidates; Associate in 
Arts, 102; Associate in Science, 26; vocational diplomas, 20. 

From here, some graduates will continue their educations at four-year 
colleges and universities; some will enter the workforce; others will begin 
or resume family life. Some smiled; some cried; and some did a little of 
both. But ail agreed that the moment was just too good to be true. 

Left: Christy Brawn emphatically expresses the thrill of victory — 
mother milestone in the road of life. Below: 1991-92 SOA Presi 
dent Lisa MidhirT provides the Invocation and say* farcwcil- 

Brenda Shows** and Julie Sfetcmore display the tie* of friendship that 
must be temporary severed as I hey go their separate ways. 

James Tempi eton, former SCC vice-presi- 
dent, focuses on the graduates achieve- 
ments, and offers direction for I he future 

Applying hts words to their own lives, the graduates absorb Templeton s advice lor st* I 
Left Andrea J- Thomas. Stephanie D. Sexton Oretchen c hollar, Lisa H Adams, Julia R. 
Weaver, fteglna L. ragg, and Bobby R Jones preside as marshals. 

Graduation 1992 9 

Right Center; The Spring Dance offered students like Gar- 
land Poindc*ter and Btcnda Shough leisure time to 
dance, to eat, and to enjoy each others company, 

College Day assists students In acquiring information 
about the armed forces or fouf -year colleges where they 
may be transferring. 

A student's time Is always filled with reading 
textbooks, studying notes, and researching pa- 
pers- But as each quarter passes, students 
search for something to break the monotony. 
Several activities were scheduled to give them a 
chance to get together, all in the name of fun. 

From the Spring Dance, where DJ Tommy 
Thompson supplied top 40 tunes, to the Fall- 
out, featuring two Live bands, students relaxed 
and! forgot academics. When campus-spon- 
sored events were not enough to satisfy their 
need for comradery, individuals found their own 
excuses. Birthdays and Valentine's Day encour- 
aged them to buy flowers, candy, and balloons. 
Diversions from class are always welcomed. 

20 Special Events 

Balloons and plenty or affection were the perfect birthday gift for Amy Finney's fiance 
Scan PMstarv The restarts exchanged wedding vows over the summer. 

Sludcnis and faculty gather at the graveled 
parking lot to watch the demonstration of war 
planes as Diane Bameit guides her husband 
into the view of observers. 

The Lone Amlgn" plays a Spanish love song at 
the foreign Language festival, 

S.Q.A. offered students an opportunity to attend a rock concert on campus 
October J, Fallout '§2 featured two live bands, "The Gathering" and "The 
End. ' 

special Events 11 

i! s not much of a bidding ham), but It sure 
could be a helper 

A successful spends his time 

inching John Wdght finds a comfortai 
and well-lit place to prepare for His m 

m a-pleklnY" says Kevin SJdden. "And Vm a-o/trmhvr yells Sandra Long, 

12 College Life 

"Hold my hand and walft me to class/' pleads Shawn 
Beniley lo hLs girlfriend Kobln Sexton, "I really need 
some good luck for this next test." 

Cold ladies? October Isn't usually this chilly; maybe Kim Reneyar and Amy Brown should have 
opted to take their tennis class In the spring. 

"Watch me, and I'll show you how It's 
dong." Lort Waters teils Travfs Lamb, 

///// * /. 

Hit n.itiu 
mcfliinies to prepare fo« au economic ■ 

Babyboomcrs who became hlppleSj then yuppies, are now 
the thirty'SomeLhlng crowd. Many of them attend college 
alongside recent high school graduates. Yet, today's stu- 
dents don't really look much different. Their clothing and 
hair pretty much resemble the sixties and seventies with 
slight variations. 

Instead of polyester. Si s easy wear and easy care clothing 
— 100 percent cotton ( acrylic, or leather. Corduroy shorts 
with leggings are a modernized version of Mary Tyler Moore's 
Capri slacks. And tie-dye is bach. For outings, short slips and 
shorter versions of poodle skirts, popularized by Madonna, 
are prevalent, Jeans,, of course, never go out of style, 

Despite an Increase in legal drinking age {from 18 to 21), 
students still party. But most drinkers now use designated 
drivers to get them home safely. Couples still congregate in 
C v I halls and stairwells. As always, Spades" and 'Rook/' 
hacky-saek, and football are still favorites. Burgers and fries 
i '- " I sUI * comprise the student's main lunch staple. Students still 
; t-v 1 study, but most also work. Instead of babysitting and deliver- 
ing papers, though, they head to Wal-mart, McDonald s, or 
factories Too, since more parents attend college than ever 

before, most students wear several hats 

CoHegc Life 13 

Hanging posters that advertise upcoming events is one of many responsibil- 
ities that Metallic ttealh has as SQA secretary. Melanie also works part-time 
at Beih s In Mt Airy. 

'You can't beat the real thing/ 
inclined to agree. 

whispers Christy Marshall. Tina Collins is 

Fondly dubbed "the lunchbox man/ Jason 
Cain is a unique addition to the student body. A 
little far-fetched in his personal philosophy, he 
often vocalizes such adages as this: "'One uses 
a mirror to look at one's face and art to look at 
one's soul. " The lunchbox contains Cains iden- 
tity; he mimics "Marilyn Manson and the Spooky 
Kids" in carrying it, The only difference be- 
tween a mad man and myself/' he says, "is that 
I'm not mad/ J Cain wants a job someday as an 
animated cartoonist, 

14 College Life 

Sherry Munroc has a special interest In U,S, institutions. 
Being from the Bahamas, she has exchanged some of her 
own cultural values for American ones. 

When dealing with Irate drive thru customers at Taco Bell, 
were glad there s a barrier. - say Mechelie LurTman and Mitch 

finding a creative use for the wrestling mats, Chad CI Hot decides to "take It 
easy" while he etches his classmates sweating out F.E, class. 

Left {center); "luijust a laid-back kind or guy/' says Rrst year student Mike 
Parker who enjoys a few minutes to hlmsejr. 

i this a true vision of male tending, or what? a friendly 
ame of tackle football brings out the rough, tough aspects 
fguys like Matthew Manicy. Jason Martin and Mitch Mitch- 

College Life 13 

The More Things Change - . 

Winds of change have swept the land. 
Knocking down what once did stand. 
Wc turn around; It's back again. 
Things are as they have always been. 

The embers pass their dying, flames, 
And hopes or nations rise again. 
So a El we try to rearrange 
Is done for naught, for nothings 

Though wails of stone may tumble down, 
The starving mouths still echo sounds. 
A world can turn a cold, deaf ear 
On ail we've held so rare and dear. 

When nothing's ventured, nothing's 

But every profit has its strains. 
With attitudes sometimes to blame. 
We're filled with pride and tilled with 


Winds of change have swept the times, 
Defining rights and drawing lines. 
Sometimes upheld, sometimes reversed. 
Decisions bless, decisions curse. 

The more things change, the more they 

And those who would are those who 

The more we grow, the less we do. 
It's ail the same; there's nothing new. 

R, Koehl 6f P. Ring 
Fall 1992 

a ft or three days of rioting In Los Angeles, 52 people were dead; 
2383 people were Injured; and the amount of property damage 
was estimated at S7S5 million. 

In the past, dedication pages were reserved to honor one 
of our many outstanding faculty members. Breaking away 
from that tradition this year we would like to acknowledge, 
instead, an (hose who have suffered and sacrificed In the 
race of tragedy, both at home and abroad. 

Disaster was tout In the streets of Los Angeles following 
the Innocent verdict of four police officers accused of beat- 
ing black motorist Rodney King. The now infamous L.A. 
Riots were reminiscent of the Watts Mots, whteh oecured 
there In 1964. neighborhoods were spill apart, businesses 
and homes destroyed, and many were Killed. 

Miles away, on the African continent, lies the country of 
Somalia, similar to tthiopla. In that, they both suffer from 
food and dean water shortages. Civil war and looters have 
only added to their plight 

To alt these people, and victims all over the work), we 
recognize your struggle for survival In this nightmare reality, 
Our hopes and prayers will continue to be with you. as you 
begin lo rebuild your lives. 




A Somali woman lakes care of a four-year-old at the World Vision 
feeding center In Batdoa, The boys two-year-old sister had Just 
died of starvation. 

Causing an estimated damage of $22 billion En Florida and Louis!- as a result or the Bush Administration, approximately 
ana. Hurricane Andrew was the most expensive natural disaster three million Americans became unemployed between 
ever to hit this country. jgea and 1,992- 

• JJ3- iyB|V/»M 


hurricane Andrew's 54-hour rampage teft arv estimated homeless in florida atone. At 
least SI deaths were directly attributed to the storm — 41 In Florida and 10 In Louisiana, 

Dedication 17 

IS Academics 

Using, her fingers to smooth the paint, Connie 
Smitherman diligently works on her "master- 

"Who would have 
thought my math 
skids would come 
in handy In 
class?"' boasts 
Jack Farmer. 

No r Phil Edwards Isn't vandalising school property; 
instead, he Is leaching hts Oral Communications | 
class how to record one VCR tape onto another. 


college educations .... high school dropouts 

computers . . manual typewriters 

political awareness , „.". . . ....... . V. ...,..,. .»,'•«-. apathy 

car phones 8c alarms AM radios 

heaSth food . . . Junk food 

brains flf studying >,,<<>,.,,>.,♦,.<.,. ignorance 

cam corders video reels 

daisies , roses 

non-smoking sections ♦ smoking 

solar calculators . * battery calculators 

growing older staying young 

aluminum ................ . . . . tin 

animal preservation ....... animal experimentation 

Sam Bryant and Dallas Wcddle enjoy han- 
dling, a high-powered drill, (it's a male 

Academics 19 

It's never Too Late To Try Something New 

SCC's Basic Education Curriculum, offers three free study 
programs designed to meet Individual needs. Students may 
enter classes at any time, attending until their educational 
goals are reached. 

Adult Bask Education (ABE) provides skills in reading, 
writing, basic math, using a telephone directory, reading 
road signs, counting money, and completing job applica- 
tions, high School Completion prepares adults For the Tests 
of General Educational Development (OEDJ and enables 
them to acquire fIC high school diplomas. English for Speak- 
er of Other Languages (ESL) teaches English communica- 
tion skills and American history and customs. 

Hoc Ethavarrleta. tsteoan RebolFar, Catalino Ochoa, and Roberto A tmanza 
arc enrolled in the ESL program held in ihe campus Learning Lab. 

Instructor Judy Solomon listens intently as Muoi Dam OK 
a turn reading for classmates William Snow, Tracey Mught 
and Roger Holt. 

Selow: Rosalyn Hoi land. Mi, Airy Learning Lab instruct; 
and Tracey Hughes are particularly fond of the basebi 

Bottom- Rhonda Howe! I beams with pride In her accoi 
plishments as Instructor Maxlne Weatherman recogniz 
her progress. 

William Snow wants to Improve his reading skills, his favorite text Is the twty Bible 








Above: Having examined Scan DeZems work. Norma 
Draughn I full -time ESrtS English and Thursday evening 
ABE/GED instructor) checks Lee Taytors progress. 
Center: Classes are also offered at w. YadkirTocfn. for 
the convenience of Yadkin Co. residents such as Jan tee 
TicrrabJanca and Jamie Burchett 

Tonight Johnny Crotts concentrates on QCD math 
preparation while Ryrbara Jean Coins' ABE studies focus 
On reading. 

ABE/0ED/E5L 21 

Constantly expanding, SCC disspells the myth that continuing education is 
only for those deficient in reading, writing, and arithmetic. The pursuit of talents, 
interests, and special needs is made readily available with a number of campus 
and off-campus courses. Both males and Females may take advantage of occupa- 
tional extension classes such as custom sewing, flower arranging, woodworking, 
first aid, Tire science, crocheting, or Knitting, 

A good selection pf job skill review classes are also offered. One such opportu- 
nity exists through the Industrial Training Frogram, which assures that students 
possess productive and efficient qualifications for the Jobs they will perform. The 
Human Resources Development (HRD) Program furthers the effort, assisting with 
Job- re la ted studies that provide good employee/employer relations, positive 
attitude techniques, and Information about employment opportunities. 

Whether one seeks a creative outlet for the soul or a practical approach for the 
future, the Continuing Education Division offers a way to pursue whatever inter- 
ests people. 

Right ccrucr: "Alright, Mr, fomscttla. warns vallle Frye, "if you don't set up straight, I'll have to take 
drastic measures, and you know what that mean* — SUPER QLUXr 

"The hem is a little crooked." says Fatty Stafford. 
"Cither I'm going to have to correct It or 111 have to 
wear one high heel and one low heel/ 

Rights Like OJympla Dukakis In Stcet Magnottes. 
wilamena McCormlck knows mat "the ability to 
accessorize Is the only thing separating us from 
the animals/' 

22 Continuing Education 

Virginia Baker, Leona Edwards, and Edith Snow (Instructor) are pi.inninq their 
latest fashion designs for the runway. Ohay, so maybe they won't make Farts; but 
their creations are smart and practical. 

"That wreath is turning out really well," thinks diss 
Finh Bunny; "but that Lfaa Johnson should be making, 
me a hiuc bunny." 

Left Center: Veira Covington's friends aren't riff raff, 
but they aren't above sewing it on (heir latest fashion 

Hclow: "I though we were making afghans," thinks 
Lcnora fikld. "With this skinny yam, maybe Id better 
go for a dolly." 

Whatever Loretta Watson's latest project turns out to 
be, it's sure to receive attention from all the ladies at 
church on Sunday morning. 

Dorothy Pardue and instructor trances nichols aren't using any patterns. 
"Just arrange the flowers I the those on my shirt," recommends the 

Continulng Education 23 

Could there be a connection between red hair and artistic ability? John Perry* 
man and tteena Martin may Just find out. Maybe fat Altlc already knows. 

Sill Sanders, Fine arts instructor, helps student Brian 
Mounce discover new ways to put things In perspective 

24 CT/Flne Arts And Humanities 

tie low. Speech class is not all writing 
and delivering speeches as Mike Fulk 
soon discovers. Yes, Mike, that's ex- 
actly where the water goes. 

Expressions Of Communication 

Whether It's the spoken 
word or an expression of the 
heart, SCC offers a wide vari- 
ety of classes to suit most 
communication needs. 

From learning a foreign lan- 
guage for a European vacation 
to painting class for those just 
wanting to escape the house 
for a few hours a week, stu- 
dents are taught the basics 
and more. Day and night 
classes are offered in Spanish 
and the fine arts, And to keep 
things interesting, a variety of 
speakers visit as well. 

American literature is just 
as inviting and informative as 
literature from Europe. Distin- 
guished guests periodically 
visit to share their knowledge. 

Above: Theresa Sal ley says, "Look, Mar I 
outgrew kindergarten Just to find myself 
back finger painting in college/' 

Left; Chechen scratching or masterpiece? It's 
all In the way you look at it Twana Den Ice 
Robertson communicates through her art. 

Dr. mi Sou Engel (above, center) dis- 
cusses Margaret Mitchell and compares 
some events in her life with her one great 
novel. Gone with the Wind- Dr, Engcl has 
a b.A. r M.A., Ph.D., and currently teaches 
English at NG State University. 

Above: "Comprende?" night class 
teacher Mitch hardy hies to make his 
point in Spanish and wonders If his 
students understand. 

CTy Fine Arts And Humanities 25 

Above: Dr. Jekyll and 

Mr. HydC? HO, it S 

only Goldle Moxley 

and Brian Darnell 

recording their lab 


Right Realizing the 

Importance of 

exactness. John 

Johnson careful ly 

adds his figures so 

he won't be held 

responsible for any 

disastrous results. 

26 CT/Physloal Sciences 

'Quick, let's dean up this mess before the 
teacher gets back'" Hobble Hyerse uryt-.s the 
nervous Dwighi Dec son. 

A Kaleidoscope Of Discoveries 

Some of these students resemble mad 
scientists; but Uiey are prospective biologists, 
chemists, physicists, engineers, pharmacists, 
and teachers. 

They are learning about matter mechanics, 
light, sound, heat electricity, chemical 
reactions, bonding, physical states, chemical 
compounds, kinetics, organisms, 
life/ pi ant/animal systems, and reproduction . 

Left: [ wonder what would happen If we added four drop*, 
instead of only two?" Tracy Anders asks Le Ann Mamni. 

Center (L): Before continuing, Jeff Linvtile and Laura Scales 
wisely consult their notes on procedure. Bottom (L>: Diane 
Til ley ponders the strange life form she and lab partner 
Susan nippin might create If given the chance, 

Qerowj Lab wprh can seem tedious and unimportant to a 
nonscientific mind, but Joey Stannish realizes its future 
value. "These amoeba arc slippery little suckers," says 
Kevin Johnson as his experiment escapes. 

CT/Fhyslcal Sciences 27 

nobody's Business But Mine 

Whether your business will be 
computer operations, paralegal 
technology, secretarial studies, 
accounting, or business admin- 
istration, the future is just 
around the comer. 

Equipped with modern offices, 
computer rooms, and typing ar- 
eas, the business program offers 
hands-on training for real life. 

Technical knowledge and sim- 
ulation supply students with the 
necessities demanded in a com- 
petitive world, You may not be- 
come an overnight success or 
multi-billionaire, but such prepa- 
ration just might Land you a 
promising career, 

Even transfer students can benefit from an understanding of the business world. 
See? Isn't Terry Scales daydreaming about his future Investments? 

I can operate this xeron machine with 
one finger, standing on one leg." marvels 
Marcla Grubb. ■'Maybe we'll gel a fully 
automated one soon, They're awe- 

Mrs. Branch praises Deborah Vanhoy's 
speed but reminds her that 70 words per 
minute actually means typing 70 different 

2S TP/Buslness 

"Look. Fhll. I have 10 fingers." says Linda Meadows, "Me, too,*' says fhfl 
Hawks. That Business Math course really has Improved my counting skills," 

Mild-mannered John Wood, posing as department 
chairman by day, conceals his secret identity as 
the worth's most pawerfut wait Street beaker. Why, 
Just last week he made a million dollar maneuver 

'This looks limy Maybe the computer is on the fritz again, " speculates Sherry 
Hidings. "Oops! Maybe I'd better try my glasses before I call a repairman." 

Extensive re- 
search has 
been Incon- 
clusive, so 
Beverly Wright* 
Rebecca Mc&fitfc, 
and Mcfitidj 
Coffins perform 

their Curl taste 
test determining 
whether Mt. Dew 
or Mello Yello 
Is the better 
drink. Could 
the answer de- 
pend on person* 
a i preference? 

As instructor 

WSlbOm Hives 
explains, legal 
matters often 
cause stress. 
He suggests 
that doing 
finger pUShupS 
will maintain 
ones sanity in 

Shannon York, 
Shane Vestal, 
and Eric Sloop 
don't just sit in 
the &ack of the 
room to view 
the outside 
world. It's the 
view of their 
that motivates 

TF/BUSiness 29 

Right: "You mean this 1$ a wheel bearing?" asks Gray I and Size more. "It 
sure looks like the rotary dial on a phone to me. Too Odd I can't call 911 

for help. J ' 

Below 'Sometimes I get a real charge out of electronics class," comments 
Kernel Male, "Yeah/' agrees Alfredo Espino, "this could be a real 

electrifying experience [" 

This new 3-D CAD program Is really lifelike/' says Kelly 
Matthews. "Too bad we can't transfer a FtaybQy image to 
the screen"' actds Lee Kldd, 

Below (center): "I really don't know/' says Scott 
Nichols, "if this is Computer- Aided Design Drafting 
or Confusing and Dam Dumbfounding class." 

30 TP/0 rafting And Electronics 

instructor Joe Sloop tells Rodney Qurcham, Tim Smith, and Brent Jones, "Hahc an 
A in Electron if h II. hoys, and I'll show you how to run a splitter from here to the 
faculty lounge TV 36 channels with remoter' Left; Chris Lineberry knows thai 
the world wilt beat a path to your door if you build a better mouse trap. But, he 
doesn't know where to put the cheese." 

If At First You Don't Succeed 

'"Lead, lead, lead.'" says Sandra Leigh Maloney. '0.7, 
05. 0.31 It's driving me graphite crazy I " 

Below (center}: "I feel js if I'm going in circles. " says 
Jsmtc Cave. "Oh, It's no wonder I'm using a circle 

Above (left center): "Mr. Boose," Inquires Eddie Gray, "J 
though t we were only supposed to highlight the most 
imponant things looks like you've highlighted 


Drafting courses are the core of study for engi- 
neers, architects, mechanical draftsmen, and the 
like. With T-Squares and drawing boards virtually 
obsolete, innovations in this field are obvious. The 
increased accuracy of drawing machines and CAD 
systems opens a whole new world to explore, even 
for experienced draftsmen. The latest technology 
allows the imagination to soar. 

Katie Col tins shows off her latest drawing: a bearing 

TP/Drafting And tlectronies il 

Dr. Richard Patterson, retired farmer director of Pediatric Hematol- 
ogy and Oncology at Bowman Gray School of Medicine, spoke to 
the sophomores an treatment and care or children with cancer. 

Practicing nursing procedures is vital In performing well In the 
clinical area. Below. Betty Utt practices the correct form or vert!- 

Above: Freshmen students listen attentively to in- 
structor Robin Renfieid as she explains the proper 
administration of IV fluids, 

FUghtj Robert Cobb and Mary Davis simulate lining 
needles with medication for intramuscular injec- 

32 TP/ Health Careers 

nurses: A Special Breed 

Lctfb Freshman Teresa Holland demon- 
strates the proper form oF gowning and glov- 

Eii;low; SophomorCS Paige Hippin and MiSSy 
Bcasely take a break from their classes and 
offer a quick smite 

Left: Caring fot the patient is an Important aspect of nursing. 

The use of visual aid greatly enhances the understanding of pedi- 
atric care for sormr of ?hv sophomore students, 

TF/Meallh Careers 33 

— <»■■*«—» 

-'-'-^---^-^ ^-" ■ ■■■■■■ Ii^--.-.- — ----**. I I ■ ■ Wl*i * ** > * l»**— ********* 

uuKjuuTjiJir- — - j"-" -■-*- '-yurr- ---_- r --**■*** ■ ■■ ■■***>*- ^ ^-— -^-.- * 

IMM MHiii iKMinr 

* *JM^%>V^fc****«i"¥^^M^***^****^f?^ 
i nuiiuji - 



^h*^fc***^*»***^l*^****»J*»^ *j * * *J W* ** * * 

- 5 -1-MTrw MM KnVtfTrWMJ ijWWWWWWf' ft n nrwwwhn nn i W inrrr*n r i " ■ ^QXOQgyw^K^O'V^ C' 

The First basic skill one must learn in Automotive Mechan- 
ics; "This is a motor. The motor is our friend," 

"LooKs like a wheel well, boys," observes Sam Bryant. After Intense col lac* 
ration with Sterling tiaynes, Mike Campbell, and Michael Caster QSen 
Martin asKs, "Doesn't the Lire go In there? '" 

These squealing brakes are ruliilrtg my social life, That s right, It's not new/' confirms Chad Swain as Matt McDowell and Billy Spark; 
especially picking up 3 Sris, " John Browder con- cnech 0ul nts ^ c &ul S heil do zero to sixty In S.2. " 
fldes to Steve Burcham. 

54 VP/ Automotive Mechanics 

In the ever-changing world of 
automotive technology, skilled me- 
chanics are in high demand. The 
image of "grease monkey" is long 
gone. A mechanic s training, is in- 
tensive and thorough. And, In the 
long run, the pay is well worth the 
effort and sacrifice. 

Although it's not the clean est Job 
in the world, a little dirt never hurt 
anyone. Plus, the satisfaction of 
producing a smooth -running vehi- 
cle can hardly be Ignored. With the 
use of space-age tech (computers 
that control the car and sensors 
that diagnose problems), home 
maintenance is virtually obsolete. 
Without mechanics, then what 
good would an automobile be? 

Sieve Bureham doesn't monkey around 
when It comes to showing Mike Campbell 
and Eric nicks how to properly use s mon- 
key wrench. 

Top |L): Malt McDowell and Chad Swain are 
great mechanics, but Billy Sparks recom- 
mends a lift. Left; Even in shop class, Mike 
Campbell exemplifies classic style In his ar- 
glle sweatee Levis., and cowboy boots. 

vT/ Automotive Mechanics 35 

Right: How can an electrical instructor expect two manly men like Gary 

Johnson ,in<1 Kenny F.d^id$ to work In SUCh delteatC Surroundings? 

Right teenier): "It's got a nice hum. but I can't dance toil/' says Richard 
Byrd. "So I've decided to add my own beat." 

This ain't rtansas. Toto; and these characters aren't the Tin nan (al- 
though he has an oil can),, the Cowardly Lion, or the Scarecrow, They're 
Tony France. Buchy Hauscr. and Scan nislon. 


¥ — ■ * 

• ™ - 


SEw lf^^^ 

36 VP/ industrial Arts 

Above: This minhi t>c $ "Stud finder.'' but Marshall 
Steel man and Richard Smith are the only studs to 
tie Found here. Left; "I'm sure glad Donny's here to 
grind Lhis new cutting tool." thinks Jonathan Eiolf. 
"My last project looked like that leaning, tower over In 

'"According to my calculations, wchiiu- absolutely nolh iny or the right size and 
Shape here." MvsHal! TtllCj. "Well, maybe you'd belle r recalculate." suggests 
Kodney Taylor, 


Clashes like Machine Processes II and Elec- 
trical Installation prepare students for the 
challenges that lay ahead. The concentration 
or industrial arts students might be electrical 
installation and maintenance, industrial 
maintenance, light construction, machinist 
technology, or welding. Classes provide prac^ 
tical learning situations as well as book 
knowledge. Trained technicians are needed 
to "machine out" new parts and repair irre- 
placeable ones. Those skilled in electricity, 
construction, and welding are always in de- 

That's right J we're suffering from PMS and we're work- 
ing with dangerous machinery, So, to avoid Injury, just 
stand back!' warn Katie Call ins and Jen King, the only 
female machine class members. 

aon Jovi might be living on a prayer, but saying a prayer while they're 
working inside the bannertown wcsicyan Church might not hurt the 
grades of these eFcctrical class member?, 

I must have bats in my belfry to be playing peeHaboo 
this high up." says Kerry Coohe. "It's amazing what 
you'll do for an A."' 

TPyOralling And Eieclronics 37 

JS 51 u (Jem Life 

Trying to escape the crowd In the cafeteria. 
Anne Marie Browne decides to eat alone. 

Now Frustrating!' says M cither Willi; imv "I 
think this Pepsi machine expects me to iron 
my dollar bills before I come to school [" 

■Qosh." thinks Eddie Carter. "J never 
knew 'ass cquid make me so thirsty. 1 
guess it iust be those computer chips!" 


country music .-*...,. .-. blue grass machine 

manners , ' . " . , "i '.. rudeness 

air bags tinted windows 

Carowinds Sf Emerald Point Tweetsie KK 

silk shirts *..*:.* . i ♦ . . , polyester 

Nintendo . . . . , . Atarri 

low riders four-wheel drives 

safe sex tV condoms < . AIDS 

' Rosearane" "The Cosby Show" 

CD's/tassettes 8-trachs & records 

seat belts . . . blinking auto plates 

rocK Sf pop ....... elevator music 

natural blondes .,..,.,., bleached blondes 

v icnguc-and-cheek adage often accompa- 
ites Bill Jumcy's characteristic gesture. 

Student Life M 

It Takes Two To Tango 

Until we meet again, my love . . . 
Cupid's arrow prompts Duane flail to 
steal a qukh hiss from girlfriend Cyndi 
Brooks during fallout '92. Wonder If 
Lhey even noticed Hie entertainment? 

Jason i r Tccd follows the love of his life, 
Leigh Kcece. to American lit. class. 
These and many other campus couples 
hope that love nnn overcome many 
obstacles, including school worki 

Monte Absher 

Michael Adams 

William Allen 

Joey Alvarado Jennifer Ammons ramala Arms 

Scott Arrtngton Betty Asbell 

40 Individuals 

Emma Ashbum George Ashley 

Jenny Ashley 

Jenifer Atkins 

Elizabeth Baldurfn DcrHse Banner Angela Bare Angela Darker tteilh Barkei 

Alice Barlow 

Caroline Blcvlns Dwayne Ftahbitt Heather Bode SheHna Roger 

Kyle tiooc 

Julie Book«r 

Individuals 41 

Brian Bottoms Jennifer Eiowcn Amanda Bowman Jennifer Bowman Kim Bowman 

Leann Bowman 

Stephanie Bowman Steve Bowman 

rtetante Boyd Gene Branon, Jr, John Branon 

Timmy Brant 

T- r t¥f*V 

Genene BricheU Corneous Qrim 

JK^fc V ■ V*'. V' : ''V# ~- 

Dcnna Brown Johnny Brown Karen Brown 


Scott Bruner 

ChucK Burton 

Lori Butcher 

Wannetta Butcher Ginger Byrd 

42 Individuals 

Justin Cain 

Sharon Call 

Joel Callaway Rhonda Calloway 

Working The Graveyard Shift 

with essays, homework, tests, and 
exams, some students really work 
(hemseFves to 'death.' After many 
hours of reading his history book, this 
"evening; student suffers from a bad 
case of overexertion, 

The student on the right, however is a 
prime example of what happens alter 
long hours of worry and stress during 
finals. His countenance gives new 
meaning to the adage "working your 
fingers to the bone." 


Brian Campbell Chad Campbell Michael Campbctl 


Amy Carpenter Brian Carpenter heather Carpenter 

Andrea Carter Karen Carter Melissa Carter Samantha Carter wenona Carter Mark Casstevens 

Individuals 43 

All In A Day's Work 

It s Just been one of those days," 
explains Robert Hate, an electronics 
major. College Transfer student Brian 
Darnell says he could use a rest too. 
After a EL English and psych aren't exactly 

"Move? Are you kidding?'" asks Melissa 
Osborne who has limped her way to the 
future Shoppe to examine her transfer 
options. Despite her injury. Melissa 
manages to get to her classes on time. 

Trade Casstevens 

Amy Cave 

Mandy Cave Lynne Chamberlain Gary Chandler 

Lena Chapman 

wendy Chappell Tabltha Childress Chad Chilton Jane! Chilton 

44 Individuals 

Ronnie Chilton r Jr. Amy Chrtsley 

Scott Christopher Jeanne Church Valerie Clement 

Jody Cllnc 

Robert Cobb Andre Coeherham 

Shannon Coe johnny Coleman Deborah Collins Johnny Collins 

Justin Collins 

hatlc Collins 

nelinda Collins Michelle ColHns Missy Collins 

pally Cooins 

Rocky Collins Sandra Collins 

Scott Collins Tammy Collins Teresa Collins 

Tina Collins 

Audra Combs Ommu-I Combs 

Kiu Conner Mary Conrad 5onya Cook Stephanie Cooke /leather Covington Sharon Covington 

Individuals 45 


Shelley Covington Jennifer Cox 

nil (cent Cox 

Lisa Creed 

Velvet Creed Misty Cregger 

v . > n 

ApHI Crook 

Rcnita C rouse Sarah Crouse Jarncy Culler Shasta Cutter 

Tracy Culler 

Cheryl Cummin^s Teresa Cummlngs Thayer Dalton Melissa Danley Lori Darnell 

Mary Darnell 

Cynthia Davis Donald Davis. Jr. Laura Davis 

Rosa Da^is Brandy DcalhcragC Qlna DeCelle 

f% Q 

Jean DeCelle 
46 Individuals 

Lori DlcKerson Bonnie Dixon 

Trent Dollyhkjh Greg Dollyhlte 

Animal Attraction 

Sparky is everybody's favorite mut. But 
Larry Ray takes his job as the Electrical 
Club's training mascot as seriously as 
McGruflf. (he Crime Dog r does. Mere he 
makes an appearance at the Autumn 
Leaves Festival, 

Who can resist the appeal of a furry 
creature? Second-year veteran KJmberty 
Gordon has had a chance to care for a 13 
types of adorable animats during her 
three-year employment in Wai mart's ret 
Depart merit. 

Timothy Dollyhitc Adrian Doss 

Fete Drane 

Jeff Draughn sandy Draughn 

Ki-ll> fast man 

Dawn Edwards 

Hannah Edwards 

Karen Edwards Kenneth Edwards 

individuals 47 




Kristie Edwards 

Chris Ellcr 

Karen EUer 

Tracy Elliott Jonathan Elclf Tim Lstcp 


Gloria Estrada 

Pebble Evan* 

Rebecca Evans Regina Fagg 



Stephanie Fagg Jack Farmer, n 

tl, V 

Jo Fender 

Cynthia. Fleming Mike Flinch urn 

Ton! Ford 

Kevin Foreman Richard Foreman, Jr. 

Donald Fowler 

Janel fowler 

V m w \* 

Fenny fmnce Zachary Francis Leigh Frans 

Mike Fulk 

Brian Gallagher Danny Qallimore 
46 Ind I vidua Is 

Irish Galloway 


Christopher Gardner Robert Gardner 

Shcnri Gamer 

Amber Gentry Gerald Gentry r Jr. Karen Gillespie 

Candls Gllley Teresa Giimore Goad, -It . Kimbcriy Goad 

Marty Goins 

Shannon Cioirt* Shannon tioins Timothy GOfn& 

Edward Golden 

I v 

Pikh Golden CharMecc Golding. Gaston Golding 

i ¥ i. A, i 

Lee Golding Larry Gonzales 

Jennifer Gordon Michael Gordon 

Amy Go5S 

Mike Gould 

Dean Gravely Freddy Gray, Jr. 

Patrick Gray Shannon Greene 

Tarn! Greene 

David Gregory Wendy Gregory 

Sally Griffin 

Individuals 49 

Abigail Grace 

MarcUi Qrubb 

Brandy Qui ley 

Tonfc Cjullcy 

Holly Ounter Amanda Gwyn 

Maria Gwyn 

Hlca Gwyn 

Robert nale 

David Hall 

Duanc Hall 

Frances Hall 

Michael Mamm Brian Hamtnesrahr Amy Hampton 

Patsy Handy Tracy Mar-din 

Christy Hardy 

franklin Harmon Christa Harold 

50 Individuals 

Linda Harris 

Sylvia Harris Kcbecca Hastings Erin [5 Matcher 

Just Good Clean Fun 

After picking up trash for the Adopt-a- Keeping ditches clean wasn't e*aaly 
Highway program, students, as well as wha t Tonya Simpson had in mind when 
advisor Chris Yopp, carried 19 bags or she decided to join PTK. She and 
Uash. to different sections of the highway several other members met early 
for state employees to pick up. Halloween morning, to clean up 

Highway 601 Business. 

Teni Hatcher 

Joan Mauser 

Leigh Jtayden 

Wanda Mayes 

Ryan Havmorc Sherry Haymore 

Melissa Haynes Michelle Maynes Sterling tlaynes Angd Hazelwood 

Donna Htalh 

Melanle Heath 

Individuals 51 

Julie Hill 

Lori Kill 


Frank ncihsou, ill JelTery Hobson Brent Hodges Chris Hodges 

Jennifer Holder G retch en Hollar Cheryl Holmes Sherry Holmes Donna Hdrion Jeffrey Horton 

Stephen Morion Chuck Hudson 

Buffy Hughes 

Trish Hunt 

Heath Hurt pee dutch ens 


Deldra Hutchens Shannon hulchens Brad Hutchinson Teresa Hutson 

57 individuals 


PTgrk Hylfon Shannon Ingram 

Barbara I rim, in Corie Inscore Re Hie Jackson 

Tom James 

Kelly Jarreii 

Lort Jamell 

Shelly Jarrell 

JuHc Jarvis 

Serena Jenkins Amanda Jessup Amy Jessup 

Dawn Je&^up 

Jessica Jessup Shannon Jester Lettcia Jimenez Angle Johnson Becky Johnson Linda Johnson 


Preston Johnson Robert Johnson Robin Johnson Stephanie Johnson Dianne Jones Mich el la Jones 

'i fit 

Belinda Kennedy Shannon Key 

Tyson Key 

Lee Kidd 

Ruth Kldd Allison Klmrey 

Individuals 53 

Just Clowning Around 

tsn't il funny how friends think alike? 
Without planning ft, Kelley Mitchell. 
Jackie Moser r and Christina McKinney 
all wore black on the same day. 
Wearing black doesn't, necessarily 
mean they're In a bad mood.- Just look 
at those faces! 

"This briefcase gets heavier every day; 
I wonder If someone stuck a brick In 
hen:/' says Brady Lamocrt- Learning, to 
balance everything one needs for 
school vwork Is what college is all 

Melissa King 

John Kirkman Teresa Kirkman 

Kendra tvlser 

Tina Kittle 

Beverly Knight 

MJcnele Knott 
54 individuals 

Sarah Knott 

Rick Koehl 

Travis L^mb 

Tonya Lambert 

Brenl Lane 

Melesla Lawson Randy Lawson Shannon Larson Terry Lawson Christie Leftwkh Virginia LcQuire 

Patrick Leupoid Chris Uneberry Billy LinvlUc, Jr. nary Lockhart 

Jason Long. 

Lori Love 

Amy Lowe 

Polly Lowe 

Deldrc Lunsford Rosa Lunsford Anthony Mabe Michael Mabe 

Matthew nan ley Yvonne Man ley Chad Marion 

Daniel Marion 

Jack Marion 

Sheila nartow 

Individuals 56 

c.risti Marshall Janet Marshall Randy Marshall Scoity Marshall Qina Martin 

Greta Martin 


Joy Martin Kcena Martin 

mL. flglM J, 

Kent Martin Tawana Massac Angela mastln 

HOlFy Maslin 

Barbara Matthews Marde Matthews Dayna Mattox Jodl McBride Rebecca McBrtde Chris Mcrteaver 

Christina McKJnney Kelly McMilltan Gary M tiler Madqe Mltler Miranda Miller rranWe MLIIner 

| V; I 

Rodney Mills Hereto Mitchell Roger Moody. Jr. David Moore 

56 individuals 

Katrina Moore Rhonda Moore 

Lee rrorln 

Debra Closer 

nary Moscr 

Si I / It 
GokJle iioxley She?Ty Munroe Dudley Myers 

k ■ n 

JU<ly nichols April hicholson Ticy Nlemlec 

Anna Mxon 

Ttrrt fOxon 

Verona nixon 

Caryann Hoah Christy Gorman 

StOlt Horns 

Kevin OMcjI 

Linda O'Neal S*mrss<i Osborne 

rrances Owen 

Brian Owens 

Karfa Fardue Jtmmy Parfcer 

Mike Farkcr 

Richie Parker 

Individuals 57 

If \ i 

Gloria Pasiey 


Alex Payne 

Candy Fayne 

Greg Payne Jonathan Penyman Johnna Pettit 

Eddie Phillips Jackie Phillips himt.L-rlv Phillips 

Amy Pike 

Stephen FaltKfexicr Jennifer Poole 

Rodney Poplin 

Carol Porter 

Michele Potest 

Car) a Price 

Angle Frtm 

John Privctt 

Willie Pmitt Orctchen Pucketi Parrar Quesenberry Trails Otieslnberry Yolanda Quesinberry Jacob Reacts 

Derek Reeves Michael Reeves Dam ten Rcid Maithew Kcjnnardi Kim Renegar Jennifer Reynolds 

58 Individuals 

All The Right Stuff 

Smiley Smith? Fashion rrcd? Mo, It's 
Cornelius Brim. Comcy, as he Is 
fashionably known around campus. 
dons "what's hoi" and avoids "what's 
not/' He carries a full load of classes 
and works full- time at Wendy'S- 

Desolte his busy schedule, he manages 
to keep his "little red car" spotless. So 
the neat time you see a huge grin, 
bright teeth, and a streak of red paint, 
don't panic: It's just Corncy, Return the 
smile: and. wave I 

K\iic. ill 

Michelle Reynolds Mitzl Reynolds Melissa Rhodes Kenneth Richardson zane Riddle 

Sherry Hidings 

Joseph Riffle 

Robert Ring, Brent Robertson Rebecca Robertson Twana Robertson Amy Robinson 

Individuals 59 

Daniel Robinson George Hockett 

Andy Rogers 

Grant Rooks 

Allison Ross 

Bradley Royal 

Michelle Sawyers Sanders Sawyers Laura Scales 

Terry Scales 

David Scott 

Brian Seal 

J tarn 

Rickey Scaley Stephanie Sexton Barron Sheek Kii-h SheHon 

Robyn Sh el ton Rodney Shelton 

iS¥/?SiV V 

Tammy She) ton 
60 Individuals 

Dan Shew 

Blake Shoemaker Bradley Shore 

Chad Shore 

James Shore 


Stephanie Shores 

Steve Shores 

Brertda Shotiyh 

Kim Shu pc 

Brian Siddcn 

Amy Simmons 

■ EST 

rem Simmons heather Simmons Rclaina Simmons Tracy Simmons Tracy Simpson 

Paul Sink 

Tina Slate 

Shelly Slater 

MatifeCW Sloan 

Edward Smith 


' t. 

Jamie Smith 

Nlkhi Smith 

Patsy Smith 

Phil Smith 

Richard Smith 

Sharon Smith 

Shaye Smith 


Tammy Smith 

Connie Smith erman ftristic SmJihemum Jerry Snider 

Brian Snow 

Individuals 61 

Getting An Outside Line 

In his desperate attempt to 
communicate with I he outside world, 
Miht: Yopp uses plastic cups to reach 
out and touch someone, as Donald 
Rogers points out that he might need 3 
string. ' tia \ donV explains Mike. 
"It's cordless 

"Hurry up? tto way!" Edith Dobson 
tens niea Gwyn r "With this phone 
company price war, I can call long 
distance cheaper than I can call 
locally. Besides. I want to check out 
my Sprint card and hear that pin 

Preston Snow 

Sheila Snow 

Chris Southard trie Southern Melissa Southern 

A. Heather Spai 

Amanda Sparks 
62 Individuals 

.j.itu-iij Sparks 


Tammy Spencer Mlndy Spillman 


John Spradlin 

Steven Sprinhlc 

Jason St. John Joseph Stanish Anthony Stanley ttrtstlne Stanley Shannon Stanley Marshall Stcelman 

Jennifer SteEnbicker Melissa Stephens Danny Stevens Glna Stevens Morgnike Stevenson Cynthia Sicwan 

Melissa Stewart Kellle Stone 

Kayla Storr 

Sherry Street Kevin Summers Annette Sumner 

Robin Suttle 

Bridget Swalm Deborah Tall ent Melissa Tall cm Steven I alley 

Lee Tarn 

Lea Ann Tate 

Marie Tate Christy Taylor fgmil Taylor Rodney Taylor Shannon Taylor 

Individuals 63 

Wanda Taylor Craig Tesh, n 

Clay Tew 

Andrea Thomas Tina Thompson William Thompson 

Crystal TWey 

Anoje Tumcy Sonya Tumey 

Amy Upchurch Bryant Valentine 

iC 0^ 

Mike Vanned Deborah VanHoy Anthony Vamey Hick VettabLe Sharon Vernon 

Marcl Vestal 

Lisa Voqler Chad Wagoner ChrisU Wagoner Jeffrey Wagoner Krisllna Wagoner Teresa Wagoner 

E — 

Constance Wall 
6* Individuals 

Ties That Bind 

Jen Ring and Katie Collins are living 
proof that you dent have to Know 
someone for years to form a strong 
bona, Secrets, good and bad Limes, 
and the strife of homework and tests 
arc caster when you share them. 

Testing their male Instincts, Chris 
Cedsaul and John Thompson view 
their shadow lengths. Judging, from the 
weather spring. Is on the way. That's 
good news for men who anticipate 
short summer skirts and other 

Shane Watson 

Michael Watson Shannon Watson Shannon Watts 

Julia Weaver 

Kim Weaver 

David Weavll 

Elizabeth Wet>b 

Richard Webb 

Dallas WccldJc 

Brandon Welch 

Cheryl Welch 

individuals 65 

Little Ups And Downs 

"Bonjourl Je mappclle Ben Siocum. I 
deserved art A on that Trench exam. 
A though 1 got a B, I really do know 
the language. It's just the pressure of 
all those other classes. Ah, wells C'est 
la vlef" 

"Sure smells good todayr Spanish 
class lasted forever: my stomach's 
occn growling something fierce," But 
Qina Isn't thinking or tacos and 
enchiladas. "Just give me the usual; 
grilled cheese, fries, and a Mr. Pibb."' 

Artie Weller Janet Wh I taker 

Brad White 

Michael While 

Wendy White Pamela whitlocfc 


66 individuals 

Jeff Whltt 

Shannon Wiggins Kcnee Wilhlte 

Scot! WilKins 

Brenda wlnard Monica wiHard 

Heather WW tarns Marty Wlhlams Sandy Williams Tabby Williams Nellsa Williamson Jonathan Wllmoth 

IF' K 

Amber Wilson ftarcn Winesett Tonya WEthcrspoon Joan Wolfe Douglas Wood Jamie Wood 

Jay wood 

Miranda Wood Ron Woodk Janle wood I e Vena wood ring Tonya Woodruff 

Beth Woods 

Tasha Woten Beverly Wright Britt Wright Jennifer Wright John Wright 

Kerry Wright Jessica Wyhcs ffatinery Vopp fltke Yopp Christina Young Brian Vount 

Individuals 67 

63 Administration 

Caught in the act! Donny tiayncs stops dancing 
immediately while Bobby 5<ihumaKer is too 
wrapped up in the lambada to stop. 

Susan Johnson. Sandy Wall. Cheryl Hants, 
and Belly Beck pose tor the judges to make 
their final decision on who will be the next 
Miss Congeniality. The categories were in- 
gest smile, best accessories, fastest lingers, 
and quickest file retriever. 

fax machines .•:-*•..'.•;- -.:..... telegrams 

tennis shoes with dresses. high heeis 

home video/video rentals movie theaters 

antiques ,..,.,>.•, . . . • abstract art 

families/ friends ► . . , ♦ loners 

Northern Exposure" 'Twin Peaks " 

handmade & woven gifts , store-bought gifts 

touch-tone phones rotary phones 

generic products name brands 

American-made cars ,,.,,..,.,.. foreign cars 

frozen yogurt .-■-. ♦ ice cream 

talk shows ; v . . - soaps 

gray hair . . , , hair replacement system 

Jogging ts great exercise after sitting In my 
flflke all day/' says Jim Reeves 

Administration 69 

Moving With The Flow 

Right Center Carolyn Comer and Jewel Jarrell stand behind the Below: Looking just tike a celebrity, the President make 
decisions of colleagues like Bonnie Stuart, the rounds during the annual nt Airy Christmas parade 

Below: President Richards points to future campus additions as part 
or future planning for the twenty-first century. 


** J 

5 .. u*rt»t ■* j 

\ » 

1 5 








70 frcsldcnt/trustf 


It '-P! —j? 

1l J _^J 

^3w* IP 

I vSa^B 

\.,JP ' 


f* — V 

Left; Dallas fiance, Governors board appointment is 
totally absorbed in the information he has just reeeiired. 

Through Changing Times 

With the 2lst century quickly approaching, decision- makers are hard at work. Planning for the future 
has never been so crucial. In a few year, a statewide Tech -Prep program win be implemented and Surry 
must appropriately adjust its curriculum; its facilities will be expanded to accommodate a predicted 
increase in student enrollment. 

Proposed construction sites include a technical building to house nursing students, additional office 
space for faculty and staff, a day care center, and expansion of the Learning Resources Center by the 
year 2,000 or shortly thereafter. 

Dr, Swanson Richards has anticipated these changes. During his 20 years of service, the president has 
initiated numerous projects to serve the community's needs and interests, A graduate of ASU 
(B.S./M.A.) and Florida State (Ed.DX he and the Board of Trustees resolve tough issues on a regular 

Soard of Trustee members, along with SGA President Rodney Mills (far left), 

unveil a campus expansion plan to accommodate future needs- 

Dcspitc his hectic schedule and demanding, posi- 
tion. Dr. Richards always has a warm, welcoming 

Above;; nt Richards* Lakes an active part in school 
events and stays Informed of current affairs. 

Left: Chairman Eleanor Jones addresses the questions 
and concerns of the group about Surry's future growth. 

Various personnel report during the board sessions, pictured (L-R> are M. 
McMone, J. Reeves, J. Jarrei!, D. riance, W. Motslnger. S. Johnson, E, Jones. &. 
5tuan. r, Rees. C. Comer. B.K. Vaughn, Dr. H. Bradley, and R. Mills, not 
pictured: C. Fogler. F. reiser, M. Royster, R. Smith, f. Johnson (3CC attorney). 

President/Trustees 71 

Br. Clnytfr Ayera 

Dcan/Coni. Ed. 

JcJn Bjdijctl 
5et./ConL Ed. 

ISrLly I4rcfc 

Swilt hUtMtd Op. 

J"jjticIj liolci 
Lab ftssi /Stkwn 

Hill Souer* 
Dir./lnd Training 

JoUri flran»c 

|n%? Research Coonl 


Tech. A&H/LKC 

DlCfc Byrcf 
i : hi nil j nit aLimil IWr 

1.1-1,1 C hlhjnew 
rin. Aid Mr...'5S 

Scc/Studcnt S<tv. 

1..1.-1 ft. Collin* 
Dun/CJi«r Ed. 

VmmJj Comer 

Set. ,'S(t»denr Sen 


Sheila A. CMC 
Kef. Llbmlan 

Liu 5. Dati) 
Sw./iJu*. Office 

rjultnc ft Cods 
TCfflh. Asat/LMC 

Mmi!,-> r .tn-.n.i.:;-. 
T«*i- Aiai/fluibttsi 

Dtbbl CWltdflC 

tjroljJi riippin 

□ir./HPUJ ITorj.i.i, 

'■ nils \ i.jjlliirn'H- 
^urthailikj Set- 

Jem rtojea 
Scc^CofiL Ed. 

belly r. Htmmlnflj 
8ooKKeciJer.. , flus. 

bob Hemming! 
A*M, Oun/Ev*. Oh. 

Lynn S. HcwHl 

OJiiell nirtstiaw 
Coord, /Cool. Ed. 

Paul llmVluw 
Yld. Co, Dlr./CflfH. Ed. 

Ktntt S. MuttHUli 
Set. /bus. Center 

Susan 5, Jonnwn 

S*c tt> fripifcfcrU 

fHlctri B. KM4 

Sec. /Evening Dh\ 

Sherry H. Unvt 
Scc./SiudeTit Stiv. 

.U- Limit- I >lci 
5e<./Conc, Ed 

72 Personnel 

Michael Mcllpnc 
DCJrVSliulenL DCv 

Ihsckjr H. Money 

Set/Siudeni Seiv, 

Wayne Matelntjcr 
ftUi Mjfljgef 

Cheryl f flJrtCc 
Insirucl, Sec 

IH?tt> M. ftewmin 
Boa Kh eecer /But, 

rjtuiiy let 

Clara 3. Kii'lrj 

Set /BOGfcHOrc 

t«h. Ml[.;LH( 

Ju(*y PL Hrac 

rU-uMdi Teeh./tS 

Df- Jemea Reeves 
Wm-Ppei /InWnjci. 

l>r. Swarowt HkhaFdl 

sec: rt«*Wcnt 

Judy l. Wafta 
ABC Olr./ConL Ed. 


Larry KOftk* 

AnEhdny V. Scare) 

Or, JHm>' iftvw 
Mr. Of KK./SS 

ftcnncR Shores 

[Jlr. SA/Tufcora 

Records Tech./ S3 

Chirles W. SiritWanfl 

Carlfri T. SurraEI 
Dcam/E voting Dlr 

Di. Oafy a. Tllley 
Mr. /Bus. Cerrtei 

n«fkm r. vtruwt 

Oie . Colli Ed, 

AceatriKlJig Tech. 

bndr tt. wji i 

IrulruU. Set 

ThOtrku, M. WaELi 

jeny w. wcjte* 
LRC Director 

Rlmbtrlif S. White 

Computer Lab Tech. 

fteJtsu It While 
CT Counsclor/M 

Linda WMa 
Sec./lnsL Research 

WUILgm H, Wood 
Mr. erf AetL S*iv 

Am Mane woodmfl 

Car«r Cn4r. Counselor,' 55 

Personnel 75 

Armed with the proper aerosol, no dust bunny wilt escape Barbara 
QTteal 5 view. Andy branch's vacuum cleaner scans the C building 

Paul Pilgrim 

Heiva Richardson Roger Snow, supervls. Sherrte Spurlin 

74 l. .jhitcruv Maintenance 

Serving Others On A Daily Basis 

no, they're not your mommas, daddies, maids, or servants; but 
they clean the place — right down to the shiny floors — and provide 
those "extras" we constantly take for granted, Roger Hunter, electri- 
cian/handyman, and the maintenance crew also make repairs. 
Yvonne Hodges and fellow cafeteria workers plan, prepare, and 
serve your well-balanced meals. It's a thankless job, but these peo- 
ple, greet you with a smile and brighten your day. 

You'll never find a ring, around Gary Kingston's 
sinks — or around his collars for thai matter. 

Greg Belcher unlocks the maintCnaiKu: shop. 
jo rieil Branch awaits customers. Howard Brim 
manicures Live lawn. 

Co fete ha Maintenance 75 

Doing All That's necessary 

5usan Worth pauses between classes to 
ask Katie Collins about tier personal life 
and her academic progress. Caring 
about students, nurturing them, and see- 
ing them succeed is an essential teach' 
Ing requisite. 

Psychology instructor Jim fink says. 
"Hang fn there. Youie doing great!'" Mis 
thumbs-up gesture exemplifies the en- 
couragement that SCC faculty members 
arc known for giving. Constant motiva- 
tion, they know, ensures success. 

Above- Roy High examines current 
events in the stock market- Center; Mar- 
garet Shepherd makes her tesson plans. 
Right: Hill Stroupe uses a visual aid to 
enhance his biology lecture. The Lan- 
guage Arts Division discusses curriculum 

76 Faculty 

Wffi Adorns 

Rot>4n BcnflcW 

Aula E.l«1fani<a 

bulgM Arhin* 

JCJn AtkJns 

Slftr Atklra 
Computer StltiM.C/ M*i1h 

W»yto Bead* 

Mifirj HLTCkinnfi 

fir Citnt BUtAKt-lf 
ItiySitfll EuUCAlkm 

Ojrlcs Boles 

Ron Boose 

Dcblblc Branch 


Wflftud Culfcr 

Jerry EHer 
CflfrtQiJlcr Silence 

Jim nnh 

Ksyr h nl it ;> h'h.h-r.'ptr. 


r re nth /Spanish 

IMmUl (JlllHiin 


nuj.1 flan 


Contlnulnfl fojucjlwn 

MHcJi Hardy 

a*nn»« riant* 


Faculty 77 

Jody I-Mri.n- 

tWjnny hlayivo 

J.T. Vtcnson 

Bill Hit hh 

Roy t-llqh 

Lc:t>' i:lnihj>, 

Computer Stlcnoe/rfatti 


ftrfk* Sdjfcfrt* 



Fhysfcal education 

Cwrad ]forcomo. Ji 
C; 1*3 lipe rafl n /Soda I 

Lcjmina Center 

Dr, Thumtwi Hollar 
tragi oft/ftMlng 

Diane Johnson 
computer sc«c™;< 

Sharon ftaHam 

Gjjk ttccvca 
Ltammg Center 

Cm. Douglas. Flcinnflidt 

Uetty KiOoUl 

Dr. Paul Hidt.l'i 


Sneim^n La^eU 

film Hing 

78 Faculty 

William Sjnders 

Bobby Sctiumaker 



Or. Norwood Stlby 
Chalipcrson/tjnfi. Am 

Denny ShdnLr 


Df, Corlylc SUcplrcTfl 

Mdi^itrirl; Shepherd 

rnnh Simmon* 

Fid Pit 5lffl(TXMU 


Jufly Salomon 
l.r.irmn^ CcnUrr 

BUI Siroupc 

Cftalipercon/np lb. M., PC 

SfteHa Swift 
Learning Center 

HJhe Swlnk 

Koy Thoffus 
C turi rpwsony Voc-Tccn 

Angus TucJtqi 
Auto n*thiinka 

Juh II Vd'l I iLirr 


Sam Walhtr 
Fhysicai Education 


Rich Wpoldrcdgt 


EKnny TOungtr 

faculty 79 

The benevolent umpire. Larry Smith > stops the 
game so tins Collins can readjust her race 

"A heautilul woman in my right arm, a 
voNeyoali in my led ... What more could 
a guy ash for? r say* Brad White. Melissa 
Haynes jusi grins, enduring yet another 
athletic event. 

Ueselotte Comer thinks 
she's fooling hqr swim- 
ming Instructor by hav- 
ing someone hold her up 
while she pretends to 


sweat, muscle tone 

b tin gee jumping 


aluminum/graphite tennis rackets 
hacky sack , 
T-shirts ..■....-■. 

pumping iron 


sweat suits . . 

nau til us/5o ton exes 

rock-climbing & camping 

ftikes ' 

.- ♦•',...:.•. . excessive fa£ 

sky diving 

. sugared soft drinks 
. . , . wooden rackets 
thinness & anorexia 

roller skates 

Knee socks 



. ancient gym shorts 

weight benches 

....... watching TV 


"I'm glad Mom made me lake those ballet 
Iftssons now, " thinks Brad Wall. 

Athletics ai 

Over 90 students participated 
in the intramural volleyball pro- 
gram this season. Of those, sev- 
en players comprised SCC's co- 
ed team coached by Tony 

Searcy: Tina Slate, Darrell 
Downs, Tammy Magaract, Scott 
Burner, Tony Hakhle, Matt Ring, 
and Stephanie Key, 

The team began its season by 
winning the November 14 Uni- 
four Co-ed vt* Tournament host- 
ed by Caldwell , The same group 
placed second In SCCs toumey 
held December 5. The team's 
success is attributable to Its uni- 
ty as well as to Its offensive and 
defensive strengths. 

Tina Slate knows that a successful serve depend! 
on technique, A Hard low ball can certainly psycl 
out ones opponent, 

82 Volleyball 

Maybe I ought to sit this game out," thinks Kevin Tore 
man. Amy Culler really knows what she's doing. ' 

Tou put ygyr right foot 111; you put your right foot out 
Brian Martin must be confused. Apparently he thinks h 
team Is doing the hokcy pokey. 

Scott Bruneralms Tor the oppo- "up, up, and over,'" coa* Stephen Fowlers team. Mike "I goMf says Lyn Boyan. "not bad," thinks 
nen ts weakest Spot Gould is amazed by the speed of such a little ball [Jrttt Wright 




> ^ 3 

- 4 


W 1 



"Man, (his game Is gonna be a blow-outT"' 
thinks referee Ch ris Baker as he adds a noth* 
er point, "Well this won't take long," 

"Eye contact, finesse. agility, balance . . . Now am 1 supposed to accomplish all that at 
once?" asks Rick Foreman. Maybe the master, Tony Varney, could oFFer a few tips. 

Volleyball 83 

Below; Like line wine. Gene Blackwell and Tony Searcy Improve with age 
not even Garrett riinshaw or Paul Chilton can keep up with them — at least 
not after they've taught their breath. 

nothing fires a competitive spirit like basket- 
ball. Whether the opponents are friendly or hos- 
tile, one-on one interaction drives the athlete to 
new heights. As the old saying goes,, "It's not 
whether you win or lose, but how you pJay the 

The Knights began the season before Christ- 
mas and gradually strengthened their inside 
and outside techniques. Coach Tony Searcy 
commended the team's "smart defense and 
quickness" against Caldwell, Wilkes, and Ca- 
tawba Valley, Jermaine Taylor, Adrian Doss, 
and Scott Bruner led in scoring. The unifour 
Tourney (February 18}, followed by an alumni 
game and bout against Wayne Community on 
February 27, ended the season. 

Right Center: Bryant Valentine, Damlan Keid, and Kent Car- 
roll are set to fight Catawba valley off the boards, while 
Daniel Cooke and Adam Smith pursue offense. 

Above; Adrian Doss demonstrates his dunk master 
skills. Forwards, backwards, from the left, from the 
right, straight aheach It's all the same to a pro. 

64 BasketbaU 

no. Scott Qruner, Scott ParOue, Barry Co*. Adrian Doss, and Daniel Cooke 
aren't comparing manicures. They're busy psyching themselves up and 
psyching their Opponents out. 

Left: "Okay, boys, 
we're not doing 
so welt,'" Tony 
Searcy Informs 
his team, "tl's 
lime for a new 
approach, so 
think Of your 
opponent as an 
obstacle you 
must Lear down u> 
gel to Cindy 

Left Center: 

DdmJcin Kcid 
demonstrates his 
smooth defensive 
strategy, lie calls 
it "shuffle left, 
break right." It's 
great Tor stealing 
the ball. 


Above: Road Trip) The van Is full of gas and ready to haul the gang to their next 
away competition, lis a good thing that the van has a sirortg engine to haul 
such a heavy load of energy.. The guys just haven't unleashed their fury yet. 
They're saving it for the game! 

Left; "Its gonna be ah net boys, art netf" promises Daniel. Cooke as he takes 
aim to add anoth er pel n t for h is tea m They'd better get ready for the fast brca K 
though — Just in case he's wrong. 

Basketball SS 

"They thlnK I'm a wimp 'cause I'm a girl." Fam 
"Softball is great exercise, bm I hope I don't break a nalir thinks Gretchen Hollar as Boles says to herself- "That's it: move up clos- 
she prepares to make contact. "And if I hit a homer I can walk around the bases." er closer 

Practicing the skills he learned !n Foiniing 10 i, Scott McLean sends Scott 
Shore to home plate 

06 itiltlMlI 

Desperately seeking a way out. Umpire Lany Smith doesn't 
realise that all he has to do is walk left about six feet, 

Getting a hit — a single, double, 
triple, or grand stem — is the aim 
of every Softball enthusiast. For the 
real jock or jockette, proving that 
spitting is a true art form or that 
Gatorade is great tasting can pro- 
vide ultimate challenges. But, even 
more important are the adrenaline 
initiated by a competitive spirit, or 
the dash to home plate, and the 
thrill of victory. The only missing 
element is someone selling pop^ 

com, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks. 
Sometimes spectators become 
so absorbed in the action that you 
can almost imagine the organ play- 
ing "Take Me Out to the Ball- 
game." SCC's version may not in- 
volve the Astros, the Braves, or the 
Reds, but the Diamond Kings, He 
Ye Balls, Rebels, the undefeated 
Farrot Heads, Dirty Dozen, and 
F.A.S,T. will battle just as intensely, 

Selecting from One faculty/start and five stu- 
dent teams, Valerie Male Clement chose to 
"grace" the former with her presence. 

Searching his backpack Tor his good luck batting do-rag, Jason Martin Just knows he ■-in hit 
a homer, lie hasn't washed It since seventh grade arwj he's worn It in every game he's ever 
played. Oh, no, surety he didn't, leave It at hornet 

'This is very frustrating.' says Scott McLean 
as he tries to rememberr Was that one out 
and two runs or two outs and one run? 

Softball 87 

'Who needs a Four-tear clover or a leprechaun when 
yoti have Shamrock to kvin ihe blue ribbons? ' asks 
Jennifer Stcinbicker who loves shouHng fine horses. 

Miranda Wood knows that working in Wal-Mart's film 
department has Its advantages, Oopst was that her 
boyfriend posing with that girl in the bikini? 

Do I have tennis elbow?" asks Stan Joyce, "Well 
arter two hours of mis game, l have tennis knees 
tennis feet, and tennis aches.' 

66 Pastimes 

" Trench fries. ' French fries.' Trench fries.' I wish someone would order onion 
rings. Just to break the monotony," thinks Kathy Kteer. "Well, at least my custom^ 
ers are easy to please." 

After School Hours 

As the old saying goes, "Ail 
work and no play makes Jack (or 
Jill) a dull boy (or girl). Still, 
work we must, in and out of 
school; so, having some mn 
should be a golden rule For 
some, jobs are recreation 
enough. For others, a football 
game or self-defense class re- 

lieves the stress and strain of 
daily routines. 

Riding horses, hackey-sack, 
card games, swimming, Jogging r 
tennis, basketball, volleyball, 
golf, and a host of other activi- 
ties remind us of how enjoyable 
life can and should be. We need 
relaxation after school hours. 

"Oh, dam," thinks Jennifer rjoe. "I seem to 
have misplaced that Olympic torch again- At 
this rate. I'll never reach L.A. in time for the 

"This punching bag is great for relieving my stress, says Brad roindexter 'Yeah. 
Jon Ferryman, "but wouldn t vertically suspending it from the ceiling help?" 


Td give you the shirt off my faacH. boys," says Kevin Olingcr to Jason Martin, Mitch Mitchell, 
and Kevin Simmons. "But, did you have to rip it off of me?" Craig, Brown. Jeff Morton, and 
Chad Rutledge maintain their distance, looking, far the pass. 

Will Allen doesn't Just show horses; he also 
enjoy:, stirring up a c*OUd of dust in the fash- 
ion of the Lone Range n High, oh Silver J 

Pastimes 89 

90 Organ Lzations 

"trs time to ride outta here/" says Chad Hodges to his Tel tow 
As Club members. '1 hope thai horce didn't mahc a mess!" 


Ham Radio Club members Chris Line- 
berry. Advisor Joe Sloop, Myron 
Draughn , DavFd Brown, Ml he Esstck, Mike 
PowetL Louis Knueppci, David Mouncc, 
harvey Carter, and Marty Robertson be- 
lieve En hands-on experience. 

LOrt Butcher {B5U>, GreLa Martin {LEO), 
Toby "Sparhy" Bryant (Electrical Club), 
Annette Sumner {PBL) and Samantha 
Carter (TBL) appreciate Moody's spon- 
sorship. They only hope the funeral 
home's fate' customers don't miss the 



Adopt-a -Highway programs 
patriotism ..,......,.,. 

55mm cameras 


ethnic restaurants 

• „. *. . ,-...>,■, ambivalence 


flag burning 

disc cameras/pola raids 
racism & discrimination 


. hypocrisy 

community service , crimes & violence 

morality ...... immorality 

recycling .->..-..»> landfieids 

commitment ,.,... absence 

rhe way to a man s heart is through his 

stomach , Keith McHone hopes to win a 
(fflnan's heart through a love song. 

Organ! za lions 91 

Bob Chilton, Oall Ashbum, and Visiting Artist Oena Foovey firmly believe that nothing beats a Httte practice before the performance tc 
prevent those Ott's from sounding like Ah's. 

The strings don't strain when Gena Poovey strums them. 
Center [ Ft): 5h e directs these 1 I Ltle angels to make a Joyful 
not&e unto the Lord* Hc'ij probably be pleased. 

92 Chorus 

Ryan Haymore and Raymond Eaton hnow where to find the ultimate female-io- 
male ratio. In the company of Jayne Hlatt, HercSe Mitchell. Qena Poovey. 
Mildred Eaton, and Bonnie Edgerton. church seems a good place to look 

O ' Come All Ye Faithful 

"I don't think God meant this tohen He said 
"Love thy neighbor/ " Kim Puckell tells 
Dean Gravely. 

"Christmas should be Joyous/' thinks Robin 
Gardner. "Bui rm hawing an Excedrin day. " 

Music soothes the savage 
beast, lightens the loads of 
the downtrodden, and lures 
travelers to their con- 
quests. Its appeals lay in 
the lyrics, notes, and 
chords; its comforts in the 
heart, mind, and soul. 

Director Benny Younger'S 
d iscip I es ta ke th e stage d u r- 
ing regular and holiday ap- 
pearances. Choral and en- 
semble groups frequent 
school auditoriums, 
churches, and rest homes. 

A gifted voice produces 
life itself — all its triumphs, 
sorrows, punishments, and 
rewards- No wonder it re- 
mains one or man's great- 
est treasures* 

'Altogether," instructs Benny Younger. 
none or that radical stuff. Fallow met" 

' I must be heard? I MUST be heard, I 
MUST BE HEARD!'' exclaims Jamie 

"Do re mi fa so ta tt del" After working on the perfect ensemble, Robin Gardner, Dean Gravely. 
Kim Fuckctt, Alan roster, and Rhonda Younger create the fdeal bJend of vocal tones. 

Chorus 93 

"Belter say a prayer/ ad- 
vice Jerry Goad. Jason 
tfutchens. and Kerry 

Sparky says. "GoodMoohlng 
woman tike Greta Martin Charge 
my current and flip my switch." 

"Flaying house virfth my girl- 
friend was sure more fun than 
wiring one/" recalls Richard 

"Ah-ohl Should ve pulled the other wire," says Jason Long 
"Hope i onri fix this unforgivable sin by Sunday," 

94 Electrical Club 

"tvery pair of jeans has a story, and If these babies could talk ..." But did 
President Mike Andrews get muddy from the bed or the cab of that girl's 
iruclt. Yeah, its a dirty Job, but somebody's gotia cto It, 

Two male specimens like us pass out?" But. a few minutes later Keith Barker admits 10 
Irene Slate, "1 sure do feel tight-headed, man; don't tell anybody though-" 

The Electrical Club members and 
Instructor Randy LeQuire believe in 
quality education Inside and out- 
side the classroom. For example, 
on a special excursion, the group 
toured Dr. Gray bow, the world's 
only pre-smoKed ptpe factory, lo- 
cated in Sparta. 

Through hard work and dedica- 
tion, members have developed a 
program to teach kindergarten 
through third graders about electri- 
cal safety^ Along with Club Mascot 
"Sparky," they make appearances 
at science fairs, the Autumn Leaves 
festival, and the Christmas parade. 

The club's officers are Mike An- 
drews, president; David Scott, vice* 
president; Greg Dollyhite, secre- 
tary- and Don Gil ley, treasurer. 

"Can I help It If I got the ground and hot 
wires conTused?'" asks Kerry Cooke. "It was 
a really small fire; and only one squirrel got 
hurt. Ah, come on, fellas, don't tell Randy." 


a t- u guys, Vm not really sure hereto start." marshal* Steelmgn confesses. It sure would 
help if these boxes and burlap bags were color-coded/ ' 

Stress takes Its ion, so somebody please ten 
Club AdvTsor Rodney Tulbert that he'd have 
more luck hitch-hiking near a highway. 

Efrctnryi Club 95 

Right; These finalists anxiously await the 
judges' ultimate decision. 

"Hurry up!" urges Shonda Hobson, "The soon- 
er we get the food out. tug sooner we get to 
catl" ncllk nance admits that she's beginning to 
get a bit hungry herself, 

"55? No wayl This is the Audobont" 

96 Foreign language Club 

Trench play or shotgun wedding? Either way, it looks like the groom lost. 

Sampling Other Worlds 

The annual foreign Language Festi- 
val was held April 30, 1992, Involving 
1500 students and 100 adult spon- 
sors, advisors. Judges, etc, from six- 
teen horth Carolina and Virginia high 
schools. Visiting a Hi st Qena Foovey 
opened the ceremonies with a song. 
Over four hours of competition In- 
volved students participating in mu- 
sic, dance, drama, speech, and for- 
eign foods contests. 

"fltia Is an International language! Insist Kristte Edwards and Hike Williams, 

■why am I having stage fright? Didn't Caesar 
love public speaking?" 

Foreign Language Ctub 97 

All Together 

Below (Left): Vcmon Chum man discusses lifestyles of TrinEdadd (his homeland), coming 
America, and cultural differences. Below? ICS Treasure r Peter Ellis never misses a chance 
mingle with the Opposite sen. 

ICSs goals are providing re- 
spect, understanding, coopera- 
tion, and harmony among races; 
striving for advancement and op- 
portunities for all people 
through knowledge and wisdom; 
enhancing and encouraging 
awareness of cultural differ- 
ences; and sharing cultural infor- 
mation to build better racial rela- 
tions. Its aim is unity. 

Justice For All 

Lambda Epsilon Omega (LEO) Is a club for 
criminal justice students. One of the largest or- 
ganizations on campus, its main function is to 
expose students to other criminal justice asso- 
ciations in order to provide background infor- 
mation and a belter understanding of their cho- 
sen field of study. Club Advisor J.T. Henson 
annually accompanies his students to U.S, con- 
ferences and arranges speakers for his law en- 
forcement classes. 

Above (Left): "Boy. that bodybuilding course is really working." thin 
Advisor Tony Searcy as he. Heather Qartland and nica Gwyn (pubik 
managers), Frankie Mllner {secretary). Stacy Stevenson, Twana Masscy. a 
omcr ics members meet 

Shannon Taylor and Artie Hodges casually discuss the Mt. Airy Police t 
partment's procedures with Captain Ronald MHl, who Is always happy 
pose with bt'.iutifui women. 

98 ICS/ Math Club/LCO 

Parfcei ShOugh, Simmons. Ross, and Fagg listen. 

Advisor Dwight Attdns speaks. 

Figure It Out 

In addition to sponsoring an an- 
nual math competition to stimulate 
the interest of area high school stu- 
dents in the field of mathematics, 
Nu Alpha Theta (Math Club) mem- 
bers tutor their peers. They enable 
students who are experiencing diffi- 
culties with particular types of 
math problems to better compre- 
hend the logic and computations 
necessary to be successful Mem- 
bers offer private instruction as well 
as group help sessions. 

The Math Club's regularly sched- 
uled meetings focus on how the 
group can better serve students 
and inform others of the necessity 
of understanding maths daily func- 
tion in our lives. One of the three 
Rs, good arithmetic skills are vital 
in a universe of money and figures, 

Going for that Albert Einstein look, Stan 
Joyce contemplates his next calculus prob- 
lem. Shannon Taytor gets caught up in the 
handle of J.T. Henson's cup as he zealously 
recites "l"m a little teapot, short and stout; 
here is my handler here is my spout/' 

Above: "'Crossing my leas Isn't helping. 1 3011a lirthie. bad!" 
confides MEndy Splllman to Da^ Easter, Classmates Candy 
King, April rord, Melissa Draughn, Leigh Ann ftayticn, oean 
Gordon, Sandy Williams, and Rich Harris haven"t noticed her 

Center (Left): h You mean this Isn't an all-you<an-eat buf- 
fet?' inquire Tim Brooks and Jay wood, "I'm afraid not.'' 

explain. 1 * MatthL-w Slr>jn. 'You should ve gone to the Waffle 
House with us this morning/' 

It's hard for Jarrod McCraw, Tim Hodges, Biahe Srioemaher, 
Stephen Morton, and Randy Davis to give aliases when they 
ha ve to wea r na me tegs. " Yeah , ' ' ad mi ts Da vf s. 5u t we don J t 
have to give out our real phone numbers. 

ICS/Malh Club/LEO 99 

Promoting Better Leadership 

It's All In 


"Gee," says Valeric, "thishandhloweris 
great! Majbe it'll finish frying my nails 
before It's my turn to bowl." 

Hevfn Bowman's grace arm form provide 
the perfect example. It's not [be size ot 
the ball that counts, but how you use It 

Right: Jayne Hlatl has been observed 
moonlighting as a bowling, alley mop dur- 
ing these tough economic times. 

100 Fbi Beta Lambda 

FBL is a business class that bridges the gap be- 
tween the classroom and the real world by giving 
students firsthand knowledge of the business com- 
munity. After a period of inactivity, sponsors Tom 
Farker and Mary Emily Cooke have reactivated the 

In addition to attending the fall "Campaign Picnk/' 
club members participated in the AT&T Investment 
Challenge, held regular monthly meetings, and en- 
tertained guest speakers. For some real fun, they 
arranged a bowling expedition and an old-fashioned 
get-together, complete with a home-cooked meaL 
Developing leadership, they've learned, is a matter of 
technique as well as commitment 

■"These occasional perks make my worh worthwhile/' says Presi- 
dent Lisa Goad- "I wonder if we should leave a tip?" 



Q: What do you get wh 
you cross a hull with a ttOA. 

Lisa and Bobby Goad agree that (here is posi- 
tively nothing they won't Dew for each other 

Left Center: Sharing the motto "Peace, Love, and free Cable TV" arc Plelesia Lawson. 
reporter; Karen Edwards, treasurer; Betty Asbell, ^ice president; Tammy Edwards, para- 
liamemaiiari; and Stacia rleirrin. secretary. 

Below: Co-advisors Tom Parker and Mary Emily Cooke provide members with Informa- 
tion on upcoming events. But where's the punch? 

A; "Beats me."' admits Sren 
da ShulT, J, but l J ve filmed iif 

"The future's in ports 
bellies/" say Karen 
Edwards and Angle 
Turney, Kevin Bow- 
man. Ennls Hatcher, 
and Junior Hot tor) 
have the Inside Waft 
Street trading lip. 

Tom Parker and Andy 
QnlTm, professional 
PBL member, share 
their trade secrets 
with SCC's future 
bu.^inu-^s leaders. 

Phi Beta Lambda 101 

Myra Wright, Susan Mc Bride, and Dlanne Til ley 
actually had fun picking up trash on highway 601 

FTK candidates Shannon Newman, &onna Oakley, Paula Olmos, Urv 
da Oneal. Susan Pendergraft, and Mike Powell appear anxious, 

Chris Yopp. 

FTtt adviser, 

confers with 

Alan roster 

about voting 

districts during 


PTh members 


Information to 

all potential 

campus voters. 

Or, Shepherd congratulates new members Robert Cobb, 
71m Brooks. Jennifer Bowman, and Angle Banner. He 
later explained PTK's emblem and Membership Pledge 
and introduced Inductees during the actual ceremony. 

102 Phi Theta Kappa 

Center With children at home. Valerie Clement has become pretty expe- 
rienced at balloon blowing. rtbOvt PTK'S 1 992*93 Officers (L-R) &rc Richie 
Parker, PK see,: Dlanne Tllley, treas,; Stephanie Sexton, rec. sec,: Myra 
Wiigjhl, v-pres,; and Marft Casstevens, prcs. 

Promises To 

To qualify for membership to the distin- 
guished Alpha Xi Taii fraternity, students 
must have completed 28 credit hours, 
have and maintain a 3,5 grade point aver 
age, and have established academic excel- 
lence, good character, and leadership 
traits as determined by the Faculty. 

Once admitted to Phi Theta Kappa mem- 
bers are expected to actively participate in 
school and community projects: the annu- 
al blood mobile, Adopt-a-Highway, and the 
Angel Tree which provides needy children 
with clothing and toys during Christmas, 


H^l *w^ JH^^ kj. 1 ^^L 

Above {Led J: Mary Davis and others, including some of the members' 
youngsters, let Harvey Carter do the dirty work, lie has those garbage bag 
knots down pat I 

Above (Right); Tonya Simpson and Vicki Mauck use the dub J s Thanksgiving 
luncheon as an opportunity for fellowship. 

Left: Stephanie Sexton lights Michael White's candle during the fall induc- 
tion ceremony, FTtVs old members line the staye of the Teaching Auditori- 
um to wish the new Inductees good luck. 

Phi Theta Kappa 105 

United we stand: divided we 
fall/' Tffls adage might very well 
suit the SGA this year in its attempt 
to unite the student body, save the 
earth, and evaluate student activi- 
ties and spending. 
The organization exerted its ef- 

forts toward awareness, promoting 
recycling, sponsoring campus 
blood mobiles, hosting an outdoor 
concert, holding a karaoke contest, 
and featuring Student Appreciation 
For SQA members, qood leader- 

ship, a sense of responsibility, 
school spirit, dedication, compe- 
titions, and commitment are Im- 
portant characteristics. In the 
spirit of brotherhood, all things 
are possible. And the possibili- 
ties are endless. 

Vice-President Shelley Covington. President Rodney Mills, and Fa rIFamen tartan Grant Patrick Leupoid wonders If Michael Bolton got his 
Rooks finalize details of the SQA's participation In the Christmas parade. start fn a college snack bar. Nan, probably not. 

'no, I'm not scared." says Chris Baker. "Got my arm out ready and waiting for service 
. . Ho, I'm not a uhlrnp. Take two pints if you like . . . Really, I feel great' 

104 Student Government Association 

agree Cristi Marshall and Mark tlylton. 

"Do these thermometers come flavored?'" asks Larry Gon- 
zales. "A grape would sure taste good. I had to skip lunch." 

FUght (Center): Secretary Mela rile heath supervises the 
mock election as Kerry Cooke marks his ballol- 

Bcloiu: 'Bring back the sixties/' says Evetta Wan. " Peace. 
Love, Save the Earth,' r fallout '$2 was "cool.'" 

ir you can Judge how big a cowboy's heart is by the size or his Stetson, then "Garth Brooks and Travis 
Trlit, watchoutr Steve Smith and Chad Cockerham are looking good and sounding finel 

Student Government Association 105 

Blood, sweat, and tears: that s e*acdy what this year has meant to the 
student publications staff. Despite criticisms and the desire of a few to 
eliminate the Squires voice and i^ptcer. we have endured and perservcred. 

A handful of students have captured 1992-93 in a unique way through 
hard work r lack of sleep, and determination. Our reason: to keep a tradition 
alive. Although the page numbers are few, the copy will keep you reminisc 
ing for years to come, included are over 1200 students, personnel, and 
visitors; at least two areas of discipline from each college program; and 17 
clubs, organizations, and intramural sports. 

idle hands are the devil's work, so Chris Steelman 
devotes time to typing page after page, making her an 
angel of mercy in Journalism class. 

IE was a tough Jab, but we 
c/tose to do it. Reporting, lay- 
outs, photographs, and copy 
are our jobs, if wc have some 
fun and gain a sense of accom- 
plishment from what we re do- 
ing, then were all the more re- 
warded. We firmly believe in 
truth, justice, and the American 
way — and in protecting our 
first amend inent rights — - no 
matter how much hiood. sweat. 
and tears must be shed. AMD 

,L Oh, Ms. Ring, could you come here a second?" pleads Squires 
voice Editor Dawn Ford. "I seem to have glued my finger to the 
newspaper while piecing these articles together 

"Yeah, this opening's a kilter, alright," boasts Lancer pdltor 
Gina martin. But, then, what else would one expect from sueh a 

IOC Squire's Voice/ Lancer 

Jen Ring and Oina Martin are "living proof that you have to proof tin; copy when you 
write it, proof It when you type It, proof U when you send It, and proof ii when the 
company shows you the final proofs, 

Left Center Michael White, alias ■ HawKeye 
White," proudly admits, "Mo dangling 
participle has ever gotten by me. " 

Below: Despite a ton of worh. petite Jennifer 
Amnions cant possibly overload the 

"Come out, eomt out, wherever you are/' 
thinks fete brane, If I didn't Know better, 
swear my photos were playing hide-and- 

no, you won't catch these hard-worhing ladles In a powder puff pow-wow. no height is too 
peat or depth Is loo low — not even the door — for Bonnie Edgcrton. Heather Miner, 
Julie Davis, j nd Shyreii Meter* when a deadline approaches. 

Squire's Vofce/ Lancer lO? 

A Kodak Moment 

Hard work and determination are 
eventually recognized, as 60 second - 
year students chosen for inclusion in 
Who's Who have discovered. The 
1993 publication, entitled Who's Who 
Among American Junior Colleges, 
celebrates their accomplishments. It 
includes all 60 recipients, 

nominees should be active in com- 
munity groups or organizations and 
must demonstrate leadership as well 
as academic excellence. The faculty 
and staff make these nominations 
based on local standards of achieve- 
ment. Acceptance is indeed a great 


Hatcn reanln 
Mihe Powell 
SJrrtiintha Caner 
Shannon Taylor 
Britl WriQhl 
Sandy Draughn 

if Allison Beatl has learned anything here at SCC It's thai when an asskjnment Is due, the hunr- 
aiid-pech rneibod is entirely too sloiv. 




108 Who s Who 

Tlo. not geology; Its ge- 
ography. 2 ' explains Eric 
Mauldin to Jo UnvUie. 

Lisa. Goad. Richard Webb, Dawn ford, and Q3na 
Martin hnow they are welt prepared. \f life 
throws them a lemon, they'll make lemonade. 

not pictured: 
?13e£!i> Hensley 
J-pn Hlcrisoe 
I'.j.- y t Itppin 
Janfe Honcycult 
Junior norton 

Ben HUtdlCTB 


■*■! fi. 




Far Left: Brian Bottoms deserves 
art a in calculus, simply because 
he was able to use this Hewlett 
Packard calculator. Left; Gary j it- 
ley and Harvey Carter realize that 
education Is the best way to weath- 
er life's storms. 

far Left: Three's definitely great 
company according to Robyn 5hel- 
ton, Andrea Carter, and Mica Gwyn. 

Left; Stacia rleifrin takes life with a 
grain of salt. The best way she 
knows lo handle pressure is mere- 
ly to "grin and bear it/' 

Left Center; Knowing the choices 
they now make will alTect the rest 
of their lives, James Mamrich and 
Jennifer Bowman dream of some- 
day making the cover of a maga j 
*ine. Left: Tcrrl hatchers "green 
thumb" and organizational skills 
might even land her a great Job. 

When It comes to IV s. Kris Iran- 
sou has his own solution. 

' 'iTT 



Far Left- Betty Asbcll's college ca- 
reer has not only enhanced her 
life, but the lives of community 
children. Left; Tim Brooks says it's 
the coffee, not the pressures, that 
give you insomnia. 

Tar Left: Pondering the thickness 
of her text, Stephanie Sexton asks 
Stephanie Bauguess. "has your 
book grown this quarter?" Left: Re- 
fusing more intellectual stimula- 
tion. Michael White and Donna 
Oakley decide that "The far 5lde" 
accurately reflects college life. 

Who's Who 109 


Far Right: 'I'll be glad to get a sec* 
rctary to take notes for me," chinks 
Brad Hutchinson, These callous- 
es ©re rnurderl" Right; "When I 
graduate, I want a neat chair with 
rollers like this one." says Missy 

Far Right: Sec. II you take your 
finger like so/' explains Mindy 
Spill man to Leigh Ann Hay den-, 
"you can squash that bookworm/' 
Flight:. Opening the door to the fu- 
ture is scarey, but Phil Edward's 
shlH s will help him beat Ihc uiiern- 
pioymenl monsier r 


in have been of 
service, if J have 
ylimpsed more of 
the nature and 
essence of ulii- 
mate good, if I 
am inspired to 
reach wider hori- 
zons of thought 
and action, iFJ am 
at peace with my- 
self, it has been a 
successful day. 
Alex Moble, 

Right Center; Always informed and 
on the culling edge, Robert Cobb 
and Mary Davis are up-to-date in 
current events, flight- Amy Carpen- 
ter displays her winning smite and 
positive attitude. 

Tar Right: Randy Llewellyn and Ke- 
vin Simmons make studying their 
top priority, but a little recreation 
cases tension. Right; If Saint Pcier 
calls. Atari Gordon can t go Just 
yet. He owes the college bookstore 
for all his books arid supplies. 

Far Right: Sure, this VCR is sup- 
posed to be "user friendly/' but 
Dlanne Tliley isn't too impressed. 
Right: "Body language and a win- 
ning smile can make you or break 
you in a job interview, so I'm prac- 
ticing now/ says Crystal Tllley. 


1 10 Who's Who 

Far Left: Linda 
Gammons and 
Harry Coe 
demonstrate How 
each sacrifice for 
a belter education 
takes them one 
step closer to the 

Left: Ouida 
Sfremore and 
Angle Tumey art 
aiming high to 
teach their goals, 
Refusing to be 
passengers, they 
pilot their own 

Far Left: 

Linda O'Neal 

Left Center: 
Karen winesett 

Left; Rommel hate 

Below; Lynne Cham- 
berlain and Lynette 


tbovc; Facing each other as Mends and classmates, Marh CasstevensandJoy Parks discuss present and 
uture goals and responsibilities. Aht^d are new acquaintances and further developments. 

Who's Who 111 

George Bush possessed the experience an 
Ross Perot had the finances,, yet neltht 
gained the necessary support to launch 
successful campaign against Bill Clinton. 

1&92-&3 has been a year ol awak- 
ening, Campus changes have been 
relatively minor — recycling, bowl^ 
ing, enamel vs. chalk "black 
boards, ' slight price fncreasesTn 
cafeteria food, textbooks, and sup- 
plies, the retirement^ Betty JJe|rK,-4S?xua Is 
mings (the colle^jfc'SHjrst employ- v mi lit™, andjfo 
ee), and plans for future cammts t wittyfric AID* v 
expansion. Students end personnel have already 
have adjusted fairly well; in the pro- 
cess, they have bet orfle mofte " 
aware of ttie tragedies dt ^others* 
They were forced to accept the 
deaths of young college: si u dents 
such as Freddie Marshall and Tara 
E I kins. The natural .disasters of 
n Ulrica Tie Andrew \ M o ri d a > , Ty- 
phoon Inlki (Hawaii) earthquakes 
and fires (Caiifornfaj. floods in Ar- 
kansas and new Jersey, and torna- 
does in the Midwest received com- 
passionate attention. 

In terms of inter national turmoil, 
Saddam Hussein was up to his old 
tricks. The Serbs have troubled the 
US. and the u:PL with their deter- 
mination, occupying over 70 per* 
cent of Bosnia- Mer/c^ovina, claim- 
in^ 125,000 lives, and Teaving a 
mlltion refugees homeless. U.S. 
troops protected food shipments to 
starving So ma lis. In Russia, Boris 
Yeltsin and the Comrnjrrist Parlia- 
ment have had their share of d! 
ences- ^ • /" kr* 

The electron of Bin Clinton, the 
choice of 55 percent Of the coun- 

try's eligible voters and ' l a new kind 
Of Democrat," has triggered optt* 
1 m'tsrh.- Mis inauguration has 
brought social awareness to an all- 
time high, tfforts to trim govern- 
ment waste, to tift bans on homo- 
participation in the 
and rfo admit foreigners 
virus Into the U,S, 
f stirred emotions and 
triggered tempers. 

The Clinton administration is 
also attuned to economic ai issues, 
negotiating agreements on tariffs, 
trades, labor, and the environment 
with Canada and Mexico, increased 
taxes for high income bracket 
Americans, tobacco, and gasoline 
are practically certainties. Smok- 
ing, a bod ions in federal health clin 
lea, and racial tension and rioting 
are definite focal points. ,* 

Such problems comprised the 
platforms of all three Presidential 
candidates. Regardless of their in 
le nitons, they are all just men. We 
should not be surprised to find that 
our political leaders can't possibly 
deliver all that we need without our 
help. This might be the time to Im- 
plement the youthful vigor, opti- 
mism, and idealism of the Woe 
stock generation. Without tru 
support of every citizen and his will 
ingness to correct the mistakes 
the past, the more things ehangi 
th£ more they wfU 

112 Closing. 

The most powerful of the century, Inlhis 20- 
fool waves and 160 mph winds brought confu- 
sion, destruction, and helpicssncss. 

Aftcr 30 years of dedication Deny Memmlngs says, "I apprei 
ate the party, but could you speed things up? Robert and 1 ai 
leaving Tor the Islands In a couple of hours 

With a legal background, former Arkansas governor 
and Rhodes Scholar Rill Clinton is aimed toward for- 
eign trade, health care, abortion, gay rights, and envi- 
ronmental policies. 

Still strong, but fearful of assassination. Saddam Mus- 
"■ein has wisely reorganized his personal bodyguard 
70rps and appointed Qusal, his youngest son. chief of 
presidential security. 

"he Civil war In Yugoslavia — a country plagued by historic, ethnic, religious, and 
u-conomic differences — ■ spread across si* republics and two provinces, National- 
si. anti-communist panics were elected in 1991 In ah but Serbia and Montenegro. 
Serbian soldiers continue to defend their Communist interests. 

Tata til Kins was fond of daisies, her cowbody boots, 
jikI quiet [»Ulls Hun t-iublal her U> set her spirit rree. 
tier untimely death on December 19 created tearful 
reminiscing for her friends and loved ones. 

Closing 113 


Thai's the world's largest, handiest, (land test Super 
tape measure," says Rodney foplin. Klchard Byrd 
agrees. Me just wishes it had an automatic rewind. 

Rlghu "| hope this Is art all- 
you-can-eat cafeteria/" 
thinks flrcnt Lane, "I'm 

Below; In their best rendi- 
tion of boys to Men, Anna 
MixOn, Monika Wall, dinger 
Byrd. Lee Ann nortn. Angie 
Prim, and Heather Spain 
gjve a Giris-to- Women v*r- 

is! "■*» 

JT7 "" 

p* '"- 











"Yeah, I know." says Chad Shore, "the Bible fays spare not the rod. 
but I'd really like to get this one the right length before I run out of 
patience and understanding." 

114 College Life 

Alison woods 3s glad that her current interest is bowling and noi 

xtilH>.ill. With ;ill thi-M.- tilrikCi. jihc'd lui^f \>C*:n On |ftC b&tCJI bj 

now. Or even worse, she might have been thrown off the team. 

Below: 'These beakers are making me bonkers," thinks Goldie Moxley. Below tccn- 
terk Bryan Lynch. Bert Poplin. Justin Collins, Sammy newman, and Tim Doliyhigh are 
seeking entirely dlltererit amusement on the tennis courts. 




"Gossip? Who- us? We'd never consider 
such a thing.," say Susan Pendergraft and 
Sharon Oates. "We 1 re merely keeping up 
with current events." It pays to stay in- 

Glcem. Close-up, or Pearl Drops? Marc la 
Key and Daniel Cooke will never [ell. 
They're too busy discussing more important 

Left: "Weil. It's not the Boot Scootin' 
Boogie." admits Pepper Kirkmaru But 
Chad and I have perfected iwhat we call 
the Toe'Touching Tango, Cotkerham 
style. "' 

Above; "College certainty does educate 
one's mind/" thinks Heather Gartland. "I've 
teamed jII hinds of sophisticated tech- 
niques: absorption, contemplation, medita- 
tion . . " 

Left.- "Being a referee really has me stressed 
out." says Mack Hodges. But if he can't have 
the support of the players and spectators, at 
least he can lean on this pole. 

College Life 115 


Books and classes here and there 
And homework to be done: 
This college Jlfe continually 
Keeps me on the run. 

Did I miss math or English class 
Because t overslept? 
You'd better bury me alive 
'Cause lm too tired for death. 
Education is the ticket 
To an easy life, they say, 
But ulcers and assignments 
Qive me lots of strife each day. 

I'd better get a desk Job 
And security from this — 
Or at the very least 
Some great retirement benefits; 
Emerging from my daydream 
Of fame and future riches, 
I look down and spy a hole 
In my only good pair of breeches. 

"Oh, God; help me to my neat class." 
And I lift my bookbag to my shoulder. 
College should make me feel young 
But my bones feel so much older. 
One day, whenever I have "made It" 
I'll say, "Time passed too soon." 
For with my education, 
I'll reach the stars and moon, 

Jen Ring ■ umiy 

rtOEder knows 
how nam re's 
splendor evokes 
her own 

imaginative spirit, 
especially when 
she's in the great 
outdoors with her 
paint and brush. 

Below; Watching 
the pins Tall 
delights Mike 
van Fleet Today: 
Ml Airy Lanes. 
Bowling for 
Dollars-, This 
could be 

I ' ''''■'JlJj"MMj}fe_r_r_-_--J 

Above: Trying to pin down that one elusive element that would win 
them the rcobel Prjje or at least ensure them an A Missy Eeasicy, 
Renea Walt r Andrea Thomas, and Angle Mast in put their notes and 
minds together. 

"if I can get this tape recording thing down pat," thinks Andy Webb. 
"I'm going to write the Oval Offfcc and sec if t can create another 
Watergate, watch out r President Richards here I go.' 

Leftj Dan Robinson giggles as his physics experiment — 
in this case, a rock — hits an unsuspecting passer-by on 
the head. 

Left: After donating blood, 
Welly Milts seems a little 
dazed, but Steve Shores re- 
minds her that things could 
be worse. 

Below: it's Hoe (Jonathan 
King). Larry (Dean Gravely), 
and Curly (Benny Younger}, 
but the burning question is 
wherc's Shemp? 

He missed his cue again! Where is that stupid 
Quick bunny?"' wonders Christy Chandler. "At 
(his point I'd even settle for the £nergi*er bun- 


Above; "Ah, leave me alone? i"m not crazy, just missing a tew 
parts," says Qlcnn Martin . Mike Campbell, Hike Easter, Angus 
Tucker, Mall McDowell, and John Browder seem to have a few 
doubts about his capabilities. 

College Life 117 



Absher, Monte 40 
Adams, Wm 77 
Adams. Lisa 8, 9 
Adams. MFcbael 40 
Allen. William 40, 89 
ANgood. Davit) 77 
AEmanza. Roberto 20 

Aitic, 24 

Aharackh Joc> S. 0. 40 
Ammnns, Jennifer 
Anders, Tracy 27, 
Andrews, rtfee 94. § 

5, PamjK40 


tfL Betty 40 100. 11)1 1013 

,5hbuir: Emm" 40 
Ash bun », Gail Si 
Ash lev George 40 
Ashky. Jenny 4fi 
Atkins, rmrigiir 77. 93 
Atkins, -Jean 7? 
Atkins, Jcnlfr 1 40 
Atkins Steve 77 
Atkinson. Jodi 41. 125 
Ayers. Claude, Dr. 72; 
Aycrs, Gary 4 1 
Ayeis, Wayne 41 

Hadqult Jean 72 
Baity, Derek 4 1 
Baker, Chris 63, 104 
Baker Diane 41 

116 Index 

Baker, Virginia 
Balan. Lacy 41 
Baldwin. Elizabeth 41 
Banner. Angle 102 
Banner Denlse 41^ 
Bare, Angela 41 
Barker. Angela 4 1 
Barhcr, Keith 41, 93 
Bat law Aitcv 41 
Barnes, ftrencta 41 
Bam ell, Diane XX. 4 
Bauguess. Stephanie 41 f : 
Baucis. Heather 41 
; j mvji. h. Wayne 7 7 
Bean, Allison 203 
Bcaslcy. Missy 33. 116 
Beave? Vorfta 41 , 
Eivck. IWn-, 8 i'Ai 72 

Bfdsaul, Chris 41i 03 

Uecson, inviqhl 26 

Becson, JerT4l. 07 

Belcher, Greg 73 

BeltOn, Cathy 41 

BcttficM. KuLiii 32, 

Bcn*tcU. Alisha 41 

Bent fey, Shawn 12 

8il lings. Sherry 4.41 

Binqharri, Carol 74 

Black, Scott 4 

Blackf v.nn ^henry 77 

Blachwelk Gene. Dr. 77 

Bledsoe, Allsa 41 

Bledsoe Phillip 41 

Blcvfns, Caroline 41 

Bobbin. Dwayne 4 1 

Bode Heather 41 

Boger. Shelma 4T 

Boies, Charles 77 

BOlCs^JHonica 11B 

Botes. Pam 72. AG 

Booe Kyic/l 

Booker, Julie 41 

Boose. Ron 77 

Bottoms, Brian 42, 

Bowcn, Jennifer 42 

Bowers, Greg 126 

Bowers, Phil 72 

Bowman, Amanda 4S 

Bowman r Steve 42 J 

Bowman, Jennifer 42, 102, 109 

Bowman. Kevin 10(1. 10 1 

Bowman, him 42 

Bowman., i cAnn 42 

Bowman. Michael 8S 

Bowman, Stephanie 

Prtrimian, Steve - 42 

Boyan, Lyn 63 

Boyd. r*lelanfe42 

Brydrty, Hants Dr. 71 

Bram^, .John 72 

Branch. Andy 74 

Brawn. Debbie 26- 77 

Branch. Olenn 74 

Brmuh -I" Mell 75 

Branch. r<H 74 

Bran on., Uerjc 42 

Branon, John 42 

Brant, Timmy 42 

Brickell, Oen'enc 47 

Brim. Cqith 'lions 42, 3-9 

Brim- Howard 74. 75. 85 

Brooks, ( \ndl 40, 42 

Brooks, rim 1*L>. 102 iuu 12 » 

Browder. Jd}in 34, 42, 117 

Browder. blista 42 

Brown, Amy l.l 

Brown, Angela 42 
Brown, Christy 8. 9 
Brown, Craig 89 
Brown, David 91 
Brown, [>enna 42 

row.n, Johnny 42 

fown, Karen 42 
. Lisa 7. n 

e. Anne Mark 3ti 
ner, Scott 5. 42, 82, 

nt, Sam 19, 34 
ant, Toby 39, 91, 95 
Bui Ho, Anita 77 
Bureham, Marguerite 
Bureham, Rodney 30 
Burtnam. Steve 34, 
ruth etc Jamie 21 
urtora. Hetty JO 74 
urton. Chuck 42 
itilcher. Lori 42, 93 
ulcher, WannelEa 42 
yrri. Becky 7 
vrri Dtck 72 
«t. Ginger 42, m 
yrd; Richatd 56 r I 

83. 84, 05, 90 

S35, 43, 117 

10' i 

Gain, Jason 14. 42 
Gateway; n\ana 77 
CaJL Sharon 42 
Calloway, Joe] 42 
Calloway, Rhonda 42 
Campbell, Brian 43 
Campbell, Chad 43 
Campbell, Mkhaci 34 
Carpenter. Amy 43, 110 
Carpenter Brian 43 
t arpentty, heather 43 
Carroll, Kent 84, 85 
Carter, Andrea 43, 109 
Carter. Eddie 39 

rter, Harvey 91 , 103 

rter, Karen 43 
Carter. Melissa 43 
Cartel, Samantha 43 
Cartel, Tamara 77 
Carter, Wenona 43 
cas&eil. Mihe 95 
i asstevens, Mark 43. 102. in 
Casstevens, Trade 44 ^ 
Cave, Amy 44 
Cave, Jarni 31 
Cave,.Mandy 44 
Chamberlain, Lynne 44, ill 
Chandler, Christy 117 
Chandler, Crystal 12 
Chandler, Gary 44 
Chapman. Lena 44' 
happell, Wendy 

ress. Jamie 

Childress. TaLltha 44 
Chilton, Bob 92 
Chilton. Chad 44 
i hi I ton. Janel 44 
Chilton, Paul 04 

Chilton, K-: is 5i m- 44 

Christley, Amy 44 
Christopher, Scott 45 
Church, Jeanne 45 
Church. Ma* 77 

OiuTr:h, Tammy 72 

btnuman. Vernon 98 
ClenienE. Valerie 45, 87, jjMirJ^Z] 

line. 4S 

O^lsOn. TLsmmy 

<jbb,- Robert .YJ, -\5 t 1 
£ntkerttarn. Aridre 'To 
Cocke mam. <_: r i - j ■ I 
Coe, Baity 84. 85, 
Coe, Jennifer 39, 
Coe, Shannon 45 
Coleman. Johnny 45 ' 
Collins. Deborah 45 
Collins. John T2 
ColHns: johnny 45. 12 
Collins, Justin 45, 115 
Collins, Katie 51, 37, 45. 
Collins.. Mtlinda 29, 45 
Collins, Michel Je 45 
Collins. Missy 45, 11 
Collins, Fa try 15 
Collins. Rochy 45 
Collins, Sandrn 45. 124 
■£o)lbis. Seou 4^ 
Collins. Steven 13* lOB 
Collins. Tammy 45 
Collins. Teresa 45- 
Collins. Tina 14, 45 
Combs. Andia 45 
' cunhg, Cnanlcl 45 
Comer^arolyn 70, 7 ] 
Comer, tfesefo(te'6l 

omer, Vonda 72 
Uimiu, Kitd 45 
Conrad, Mary 45 
Cook, Judy 74 

ook, Sonya 45 
Conke, Daniel 84, 83, 115 
Cooke, Merry 37, 94, 95, 103 
Cooke, Mary Emily 77. too. 101 
Cooke, Stephanie 45, 123 
Core, Sheila 72 
Covington. Heather 45, 128 

Ington, Sharon 45 
Covington, She Hey 46. t04 
Covington, Vclra 22. 23 
Cox. Jennifer 48 
COX, Ml the 48, 121 
Creed, Lisa 46 
Creed. Velvet 48 
Creeper; Misty 46 
Crissmaij, Brent 74 
Crook, April 46 
Crofts, jfohnny 21 
C rouse. JBenita H& 
Grouse, 'Sarah 46 
Cutler. Amy 82 
Culler. Jamey 46 
Culler. Shasta 46, 128 
Culler, Tracy 46 
Cummings. Cheryl 46 
Cummings, Teresa 46 
Cutler. Wanda 77 




iflniey, Mel I 
Danicii, Brian 
Darnell, lorf 46 
Darnell. Mary 46 
r>avis, Cynthia 46 
Davis, Donald 36 
Davis. Jutle 107 
Davis. Laura 40 
Davis, Llia It 
Davis/Mary 32, 103 
D&V&. Ftandy 99 
I vis. Rosa 4!> 

peaihcragi:. Brandy 4G 
Dctcllc, Cilia 4-6 
Dccelte. Jean 46. lzl 
Decern. Scan 2 1 

ftickerson. Jim. fir. 26 
Dkkerson. l.nri 46 

Dixon. Bonnie »!.:■ 
Dobson, Edith 62 
Dochcry. JiH 46 

DoHytilqh. Frt-nl -*<">, rt"> 
Dollyhltc. GrtC) 35. AG. 95 
Dollyhllc, ri mot My 47. 115 
DOSS, Adrian 47. 84 
Downs. i>arrcll 82 
Draw, Fete 47. 107 
Draught i Jet! 4/ 
Draughn, Melissa 9$ 
Druughn, Norma 21 
Draughn, Sandy 47, 108 
Draughon. HyrOn 91 
DurfclN. holly 4 7 

Easter, Nirhiiel 54 
Caster, Stewart 4 
L.,is[in . Tina 47 
Eastman, Kelly 47 
talon, Mildred 92 
tiUon.. Rjymofld92 
fitha^iirtcta, Woe 20 
r.dcjeitcHi. Bonnie £2. : 

■ blonds, Shirley 73 
KdwardSj Dawn. 4 7 
Edwards, Marin ah 47, :jot 
Edwards, J^3r<-rt 47. 1 00, 

rLttWUHli. Kerlr)\ 36, 37; 
ufwards. Kifctfc 
t.d wards, Ittiria 
r.dwofdft, Phil is, 
Ed w. mis, SOrtyJ; 
Ld wards, Tammy lOG, 1 
l.kliidHC. Debbl 72, iii 
Elklns, TararB^^ 
I l<rt Chris 48 
t-.lli:«. Join 7/ 

ler, Karen 46 
Elliot, Chad 15 

HotU Tracy 48 
Ellis, Peter 98, 125 
EtoJG Jonathan 36, 48 
Engell, allot. Dr. 25 
Espino, Alfredo 30 
Essfck. Mthe 91 
Eslcp, Tim 48 
Estrada, Oloria 48, 119 

Br,v t !ns, F'ctible 46 
Evans, Rebecca 48 
Evans-. Sheila io 


7* ^ ■ v * -* 


Eads. t'duline 7. 72 
Easter. Dawn 99 

\ZQ index 

. fe-J 


Gallagher, Brian 48 
GaJHmore* Cindy 72 
Qii Hi more, Danny +6 
u.Hloway, Irish 48 
tJarnmons, Linda I I J 
tjan/.zerrniller. Michael 40. tt8 
Gardner, Christopher 4a 
Gardner, Robert 48 
Gardner, Robin 93 
Garner, Sherrt A9 
GaiUarid. Heather 98, 115 
Gates, Sharon 77, 115 
Gentry, Amber 49 

eniry, Gerald 49 
Gillespie, Judy 74 
Gillespie, Karen 49 

jilley. t.andis 49 

i Hey, Don 35.. 05 

i I more, Teresa 49 
Ootid. Bobby I01 ; 

fji;-.ld.. JamCS 49 

Goad. Jerri -H, 95 
Goad. Kiinberly 49 
Goad. Lisa 100. 101. 108 
Goins„ Amy 101 
Gains, Barbara Jl vjti 7 1 
Golns, Marts ■+•'.► 
(Joins, Shannon 49 
Coins, Shannon VL< 
Goins Timothy 49 
Golden, fcdwaui 4 a 
Golden, WcM. 49 
GoidLng, CharlWxc 49 
G oli H rig, Gaston 49 
GOldfnq. Lee 49 
Gonzales, Larry 49. 105 
ordon. Alan L 10 
ordon. Dean 99 

J -*n, JenniL-i ■)"■) 173 

n, Kimbcrty 47 
Jon, Michael 49 

Amy 49 1 

id. Nike 49. 83 122 
ravcly. Dean, 49 93, 117 
Gray, Eddie 21 

, Freddy 
Gray, Patrick 49 
Qreerte, Shannon 49 
Greene, TamE 49 
Gregory, David 49 
Gregory, Wendy 49 
Griffin. Andy 10 1 
Griffin, Sally 49 
Gnxe. Abigail 50 
Groce. Mitch 15 
Ombb, ("tarda 28. 50 
Qui ley. Brandy 30, 125 
Gulley, Tom 50 
Ounter, Molly 50 
GuplOr*. Pauia 77 
Qwyn r Amanda 50 
Gwypi, Maria 12, SO 
Gwyn, Mica 7. 50, 62, 98. 


Lk:. Rnrrlrrfff 50 

tiaU, David so. l/i 
Half, Dttine 10, 50 
Hah. Prances SO 
Hall. Hilda 77 
Hall. India 66 
11.111, Jan 50 
Hall, Jerry 50 
Hall, LenTta 50 

tl Mary Anne 50 
Hamblin, Beth 50 
llgrrrijrt, David 50 
HarA, Le Ann 27 
Ji.ipnm. Miciiael 50 
Hanuiiesfara. Brian 50 
Hampton. Amy 50 
I lam rich, James 109 
Handy, f'alsy 50 
I lanes, drover 77 
Hardin. I racy 50 
Hardy, Ronnie 77 
Hardy, Christy 50 
Hardy/ Hitch 25, 77 
iTamion l'l.iiikiin 50 
Harold, Ctirlsta 50 
Karris, llennie 77 
Harris. Linda 50 
Harris, Kick 99 
Harris, Sylvia so 
HartJc, Jody 78 
Hastings., Rebecca 50 
Hatcher, Ennts 50, 101 
Hatcher. Terri 51, 101, 109 

Hi- =ks 

iTiiu&cr. Joan 51 

Hayden. Leltih Ann 51 
Hayes, Jenl 72 
Hayes, Wanda 51 ^ 

fUyirii-'v Ryan 51, 
Haymore, Sherry 51 
Mayncs. Donny 66, 
tlayncs, Melissa 51 
Haynes, Michel Ec 5i 
Hayncs. Sterling 34. 
ManclwoHxt Angel Si 
heath, Donna 51 
rtCdlTl Ml!.,,-:, i4, 51 
Heath, v fchi 52 
Meffifn* siaeia 100, irji. 109 

Helms. MIKe 5, 7 
HemrmlTKis, Betty 72. 1 13 
HemiTiings, Bob 72 
Hcmnilngs, Robert L 12 
Hcrlshaw. Barbr.l 52. 
Hen son, J.T 78, 30- 
Hcnson. Steven S2 
Hewitt Lynn 72 
H[att. OOnri,] 52 
tiLatt jaync 92. 
Andrea 52 
Bill 78 
Eric 35 

Roy 76, 7Q 
Mill, Dcna 52 
Hill. Julie 52 
Hill, Lori 52 
Hill, Ronald 98 
Hinshaw. Garrett 72, 84 
Hlnshatv. Letty 78 
Hinshaw, Paul 72 
obson, Frank 52 
lobson, Jeffery 52 
Hobson, ShOnda 96 
Houses. Ame 98 

^Brent 5 2 

s Chad 90 
ges r ChiiS 52, 95 
Hodges. Hack 115 
Hodges. T|m 99 
Hedges. Tracy 37. 94. 95 
Hodges, Yvonne 4, 74, 75 
Hokomb, Conrad 79 
Holder ^andy i|6 
Holder, Jennifer 3 
Holland. Roslyn 20. 78 
Holland, Teresa 33 
Hollar. Gretchen 8, 9. 52, 
HollaT. Thvrman. Dr. 78, 12! 
Holme?, Cheryl 52 
Holmes, Sherry 52 
Holt. Roger 20 
rtorton. Junior 101 
Horton. Donna 52 
Horton, Jeffrey 52. 39 
Horton. Stephan 52, 99 
Hudson, Chuck 52 
Hughe*, fluffy 52 
Hughes, Tracy 20 
Hunt. Trtsh 3. 52 
Hunter, Roger 75 
Hurt. Heath 52, 1 
nutehens. Dee 52 
Hutchens, Peklra 
Hutch ens, Jason 94, 
Mutchens, Shannon 




i U 


Hutchins, Renee 72 
Hutchinson. Brad 52, 1 10 
ttutson. Teresa 52 
HyUon. Mark 52, 104 

Ingram, Shannon 52 
Inman. Barbara 53 
Inman, him 4. 6 
inscore. Corlc 53 

Jackson, Keliie 

James. Tom 53 

JarrelL, Jewel ?Q 71 

Jarreli. Kelly 53 118 

Jarreli. Uiri 53 

Ja ncll, Shelly 53, 119 

Jarvis, Julie 53 

Jenkins. Serena 53 

Jessup, Amanda 53 

Jessiip. Amy 53 

Jessup. Dawn 53 

juessup, Jessica 53 
j;Jestcr, Shannon 53 

Jimenez, Letlcia 53 

Johnson. Andrea 5 

Johnson, Angie 55 

Johnson, Becky 53 
jjNfinson. DEane 78 
"Johnson, Gary 36 
"Johnson, Cireg 37 

Johnson. John 26 

Johnson, Ke^ln 27 

Johnson, Linda 53 

JoMnson, Lisa 23 

Johnson, ho Irene 

Johnson. Freston 

Johnson. Rol*crt 53 

JohtiShn Kobin 53 

Johnson. Stephanie 53 

Johnson, Susan' 60. -M. 72. 

Jones, Bobby & 9*** 1 ' 

Jones, Brent 30 

Jones, Eleanor 70, 71 
Jones. Michella 53 
Jumey, Bill 39 
Joyce. Martha 98 
Joyce. Mike 74 
Joyce, Stan 88, 99 


llam, Sharon 32, 7a 
ennedy. Bfelinda 53 
ey. Marcia 115 
ey, Shannon 53 
cy r Stephanie ft 82 
Key. TystWi 53 
Kidd, Eileen 8 72 
Kidd, Lenojii 22. 23 
Kkld. LeeBp. 53 ■ 
rey, Apison 5^ 
(.lire Mfi 
Jonathan 11' 

King, Melis; 

■sa 54 




Gary 75 
Rrad 12-1 
John 54 
FCppCr M-5 
Teresa f>4 
Kiscr, ho thy mi 
Kiser, ftendra 54, 124 
Kittle. Unit 54 
Knight;'- Rcve*1y 54 
i>tt, JearwUe 
ott. Michelc 54 
nolt. Sarah 54, 126 
nucppel, Louts 91 
Koch I, Rfck 54 


100, 101 

Lambert. llrady 54. 125 
Lambert. Tonya 54 
Lane, Brent 54, 114 
Lane, Patrick 55 
Large, Chrts 55 
Large. Deborah 55 
Laws, Janette 55 
Lawson, Andrew 55 
Lawson, Karen 55 
Lawson, Lyneiie j ! | 
Lawson. M desla 55, lot 
Lawson Randy 55 
Lawson, Shannon 55 
. l'erry >5 
MicfiriLjn ?a 
rich. Christie 55, I 
Quii,'. fluffy 78 
LeQirtn'. V irgima 55 
<-pti|(l. I'aiffrfe 55. 104 
Martt 7a 
crrv, Chris 30. 55. 91 
ik- tirilv 53, 127 
JfoJrff 2? 

siviiic, Jo ioa 

Llewellyn K;irnj\ 1 10 
Lockhart, Mary 55. 126 
Long, Jason 55. 94. 104 
Long. Sandra J 2 
Lowe. Lori 55 

owe. Amy 
Lowe, Folly 
LfUve. Sherry 72 

uiir:i,in, Wechelle 1^. 

unslaid. Deidre 55 
tunsiord. Ho^n 55 i .■ ■■. 
lyles. Jcannic: 72 
Lynch, Bryan 115 


Manlcy Matthew ; 
Manlcy, Yvonne; 55 
Marlon, Chad 55 
Marion. Daniel 55 
Marlon, Jack 55 
Mario w. Sheila 55 
Marshall. Crist! iv. MS, 
Marshall, Janet 56 
Marshall. Randy 56 
Marshall, StotLy 50 
Martin, Brian 82 
Martin, Qina 5&, 6 6, jp a, 107, 

Martin (limn 54 117 
Martin. Grcia 56, 91 
f-kaitin:, Jason i5. 
Martin, JelT 1 19 
Martin, Joy 56 
.Martin. Karen lOS 
Martin, Keena 24, 56 
Martin, Kent 56 
Martin, Todd 120 
Massac Tawarca 56* 96 
Masscy. Jason 1 20 
Mastln. Angel <i 56, U6 
Mastln, Holly 56 
Matthews.. Barbara 56 
Matthews. Kelly 50 
Matthews* Marde56 
Mat tot, bayna 56 
MauLh, Vjchj 105 
Mauidln, tri<: 10$ 
MaYoerry, James 1J8 
Maye. Joe ? MJ 
Mayes, KaThy 101 
McKride, Jodl 56 
Mi flnOc, Hebcixa 29, 56 
Neb ride, Susan 102* 119 

Mrcaefttrcri. Bin ?8 
MtCormtcft. Wilarnena 23 = 23 

V ', <iW, Jarrtttl <J!> 
Mc Dowel? .Matt J » 17,127 
Mcrione, Ei 
Mchone, Keith 91 
Mettone, Mike 5, 7i 

McHucjh, Ann 76 
McKeaver, Chris 56 
McKinney. Christina 54, 56 
McLean, Stolt 86. 67 
MeMibian, Kelly 56 
Meadows, Linda 29 
MeJara. Shyrell 107. 122 
MidkifT, Jim 76 
Midkiff, Lisa 4,9 
Milter. Gary 56 
Miller. Macjge 56 
Miller. Miranda 56 
Mfllner, Franhle 56, 
Mills, riugh 76 
Mills. Kelly 117 

Mabe, Anthony 55 
Mabe. Michael 55, 128 
Magaracl, Tammy 82 
Maloney. Sandra 31 

Index 125 

loser. Jackie 54 
Moser, Mary 57 
MOLsfnger, Wayne 71, 75 
flounce, Brian 24 
Mountc. David 91 
Moxley, Ooldiie 26, 57, 115 
Munroe. Sherry 15; 57 
Myers, Bradley 57 
Flyers r Kenny 57 
Myers, Wes 57 

Olinger, Kevin m 

O'Neal, Barbara 23. 24, 74 

O NeaL Kevin 57 

O'Nedl. Linda 57, 102, 111 

O'Neal. Teresa 119 
Olmoi. rauia W2 
Osborne, Melissa 44 
Osborne, Saressa 57 
Owen, Trances 57 
Owens, Brian 57 

Makhlc, Tony 82 
Nance, Cheryl 69, 75 
Nance, Dallas 70, 71 
Nance, Kelll 57, 56 
Necdhanx Dee; Dee 6 
Nelson. Beth 57, 124 
Newman r Bttty 75 
Newrnau, Mary 57. 128 
Newman. Sammy 57. 115 
Newman. Shannon 10, 102 
Fllchots. Trances 25 
ffichols. Scan 50 
Nichols, Judy 57 
Nicholson. April 57. 118 
rtierniec, Ticy 57 

tan. Sean 10, 36 
Nixon, Anna 57, 114 
MiJion. Terri 57 
Nixon , Verona 57 
JBoah, Caryann 57 

nomtan. Christy 57, 12 tJ 

■lorris. Scott 57 

■lowell. Rhonda 20 


Oakley. Donna 102, 109 
Ochoa. Catailno 20 

124 Index 

Pack, Kevin 2 
Palmer, Qlcctda Oh 
Pardne, Dorothy 25 
Pardue, Karia 57 
Pardue, Scott S*. 65 
Parke:!?, Jimmy 57 
Parker. Hike 15, 57. 90 
Parker. Richie 57, 99* 102 
Parker. Tom 78, lOQ 
Parks, Joy 111^| 
Fasley, Gloria 5$-. 
Patel, Nlta 122 ^t 
Parte rsorv Richard, Dr. 
Payne. Ales 58 
Payne. Candy 58 
Payne. Cre§ 58 
Payton, Jackie 5, 0. 
Fendero/afl. Susan 73^ 
fen n ex. Louise 25 
Penyrnan, Jonathan 24 
Fcttit, Johnna 58 
Phillips, Eddie 5ft 
Phillips, Jackie 58 
Phillips, Klmberly 58 
Pi He. Amy 58 «^ 

Htgiim. Paul 74/f 
Polndexter, Garland 7, 10 
Poindexler, Btad 58, 89 
Poole, Jennifer 58 
Poovey, Gena 7fl, 92, 97 
Poplin, Ben n^^~ 

Poplin, ROdnt-y 58, ll£ 
Porter, iRprol 5B 
Porter, Clara 73. 12© 
Poteat, Michelc 58 

owe 1 1, Mike '91, t02, 
Pratt. Doris 7. 75 
Prfce r Carla 58 
Prim. Angela 58. 114 
Frim, Sharron 126 

rivett John 58 

mitt, Willie 58 

ticket t. tiicicrun 58 
Puckelt. Kim 93 

Qjuesenberry, tar/ah 5S, 125 
QuestnbeFry, Travds 58 
Quesin berry. Yolanda 56 

Ray. tarty 47, 95 
ReavJs, Jacob 5a 
Rebollar. Esicban_20 " 
Recce. Joe* Ehf. 76 
Reecc. Judy 75 
Recce. Le(jj>i 2 , 40 
flees, l lip 71 
Reeves, Derek 53 
Reeves, Qayle 78 
Reeves, James. Dr. 9, 69, 
Reeves, M Jehad. 58 
Held. April 120 
etd, Damian 58, 84, 85 

ihardt, Douglas. Dr. 78 
einhurdL Matthew 58 
Rertcgar. Kim 13. d$ 
nolds, Jennifer 53 
noids. Mrthelle 58 

olds, MiLEi 59 
Odes, McHssa 59 
icbardH, Swanson, Dr. 70, 
bcfrardsori. u^k-a 74 

71, 73 



Kiddle, Zane 59 
Ridings. Sherry 29 
RJdolfi. Betty 78 
Rtdotfi. Paul. Dr> 78 
RliriL-. Josep 
Riggs, DKKi 

5 JlHty 73 

Ham melt 70 
Candy 99 
Jenifer 37, 65, 107 

NaU 32 
Ringf Pam #9, 78. 120 

Ring. Robert 59, Q2 
Rives, Wilbf^ri 29 
RqbertSOi. PuCfU 5*? 
i. -Marty &T 
i, Rebecca 59 
i, Twana ? > 

Robinson. Amy 5D 
Robinson. Daniel 60, 117 
KOLhett. Ocorge 60 
Rogers, Andy SO 
Robots IDoriii34 62, 126 
Rogers, Mickey 6 
Robh, Charles 88 
Rouks, Oram 60. a?, 104 
Rooks Larry 75 
Ross.. Allison £j0. 99 
Royal, Bradley" 60 
Roystcr, Mike 71 
Rushing Lorrle 60 
RusselF, Beverty 60 
RutlL-dfle. Chad 60, 89, 125 
Rut I edge Saroh fro 
erse. Robbie 26. 60 



Sal ley, Theresa 25 

Sams, Cannon 60 

Sanders, Will fa m 24, 

Sa^vrrs. Michelle 60 

Siwyeo, Senders 60 

Scdles. Liiurj 27. 60 

Scales, Terry 28. 60 

Schu maker. Bobby 68. 79 

Scott Dstfd 35, GO, 94j&i 

StrtU Larry 79 
jgcou Richard 94 
^eal, Brian 60, 

Sealey, Rickey 60 

a.eilrcy, Tony 1, 73, 82, 84, 85, 

5elb7,^horwo6d, Dr^J, 

Sexton, Robin 12 

5e.x,ion, Stephanie 


Shantz, Denny 7 

Sh: : ]u. Sherry, Dr, 

Sheek. ri^rvan 60 

She Ron, ttristi fit) 

ShcRon, Rob)u 6tt 

SbeTton. Rodney 6f 

Snellen. Tammy 'St 

Shcpard. 5tevg 79 

Shepherd, Carlytc, 

Shepherd, Njpgarc 

Shew, Dan GO 

bhric ranker, Slake 

Shore. ftradtcy 60, 

Shore, Ch 
•Shore, Jar 

Shores Scoff 
Chores, Bennett 

5h circs, Stcphani 

Shnics. Steve 61 

Hu.nii|h Krc/ida 

SJuiir iwenda 98 

index 125 

Shupe, Kim 61 
Sidden, Brian 61 
Sidden. Kevin 12, L2S 
Simmons, Amy 61 
Simmons, Fem 61 
Simmons. Frank 79 
Simmons, heather 61, 127 
Simmons, ftevin 69, 110 
Simmons, na He 79 
Simmons, Retains. 61 r 122 
Simmons, Tracy 61, 99 
Simpson, Tony a 61, 103 
Simpson. Tracy 61 
SirjJy Paul (SI 
Staernore, Orayfarm 3D 
Sizemote, Julie 9 
Si/emore OuTda 61 i 1 1 
Slate* BitnL 95 
Slale. ChJrtC-S 61 
'Slate, Tina 61 R2 
Slater. Shelly 61 
Stain, Matthew 61, 99 
^ttocum, Ben 26, 66 
Sloop. Effe-29 
Sloop, Joe 30, 91 
Smith, Adam 84 
Smith, Edward 61 
Smith, Jamie 61 
Smith, Larry 7, 80 
Smith, Melissa ID 
Smith, Hihkl 61 
Smith, Fatsy 61 
Smith. Fhttei 
Smith. Richard 36 
Smith, Sharon 61 
Smith. Sh 
Smith stcve 
Smith. TSimniy 01 

Snider, Jetty 61 
Snow, Brian fi L 
Snow, Edith W, 23 
Snow, Preston 62 
Snow, Roger 74 
Snow, Sheila 62 
Snow, William 20 
Solomon, Judy 20, 73 
Southard, Chris 62 
Niuthcm, Erie 62 
Southern, Melissa 62 
Spain, I feather f>2, Jl 
Sudihi Amanda 62 
Spa^ fiilSvJW, 35- 
Spafks. .JanelTa 1, bi 
Spen-ce, Patrick 4 
Spencer, Tammy 62 
SpiHman. ttindy 62, 99- HO 

iMrilin. John 62 

crinkle. Steven 62 

>ur|in. Sherrfe 74 
SL John, Jason 65 
Stafford, fatty 22 
stanish, Joseph 27. 03 
Stanley, Anthony 63 
nley. Qreq 73 
nicy. KrEsttne 63 
ntey + Shannon 63 

teelman, Chris 100 
Steel man. Marshall 36, 63, 95 
Steinbieker, Jennifer 63, 68 
Stephens, Melissa 63 
Stevens, Danny 63 

126 Index 

Talienl, Deborah 63 
1 ru MdTv- j ew 

alley, Sievi-n 63 

am, Lee 63 

ate Lea Ann 63 
Marie 63 
Tayitfr, Christy 65 
Taylor, Lee 21 
j jylor. Penni 63 
Taylor, Rodney 37, 63 
Taylor. Shannon 63, E> 
rayJor, Wanda 64 
lemptetom James 9 

1.1 ell, Brad 105 
T«h, Craig. 64 
Tew. Clay 64 
Thomas, Andrea S, 9, 
Thomas. Hoy 79 
1 iiLimpson, Joh 
Thompson, Tin 
Thompson, iSmimy A 10 
Thompson, wsj 1 iam 64- . 
Tickle, Kristie26 
Tlerrsblanca, Janice 21 

fcy. Crystal 64. 110 
Til ley, Dfanne 27. 102, 110 
Tiltey, Gary 109 
Tiltey, Qaty. I>r, 73 
Tiltey, Matt 37 
Transou. Kris 109 
Tucker. Angus 79, 117 
Tucker. Tyler 64 
Tulbcrt. Rodney 95 
Tumey, Angje 64, 101, 111 
Tumcy, Sonya 64 

Upchurch, Amy 64 
Utt. Betty 32 

Valentine, Bry»m 64. 84. B5 
Van Fleet, Mike 64, 116 
Van Horn, John 79 
vanhoy. Deborah 26, 64 
vamcy, Tony 64. 85, 85 
Vaughn, belly Kay 70. 71 
Vena hie, Marian 73 
Venable, Rick 64, 121 
Vernon, Sharon 64 
vestal, Marcl 64. 100 
Vestal, Shane 29 
Vogler, Lisa 64 
VoSS, Lib 73 




Waddell, C 
wagoner, Chad 64 

Wagoner, Chrfelt 64 

Wagoner, Jeffrey 64 

Wagoner. Kristin,) 64 

wagoner. Teresa 64- 

Walker, 5am 79 

wail Brad m 

Wail. Constance 64 

Wall r Zvette 64, 10& 125 

Wall, Moniha 64 , 114 ^\ 

Wall, Reneft 116. 122j T 

wati r Sandy. 09, 75 

Watsh. Celeste 64 

Ward, Lisa 64 

Waters, Lort 15, 64 
Lonelta 23 
Michael 65 
Shane 65 
Shannon 65 

Walls, Shannon 65 

Walls, Tom 75 

atberuiart, Marine 20 
eaver. Jerry 75 

Weaver. Julia 8, 9 

Weaver. Kim 63 

Weavit. David 65 

Webb, Andy 116 

Webb, Elizabeth 65 

Webb, Kkhatd 65, 106 

Weddle. Dallas 19, 63 

Welch. Brandon 65 

Welch. Cheryl 65 

Wellcr, Artie 66 

Weils, nine 79 

Whltaker. janel 

While. Brad 66, 61 

White, rietcn Mj 

White, Jamie 93 

White Kiri f 5 
Wliity. Mark 
White, Melissa 
White, Mil had 6 j -. 
White' Wendv 66 
Whitioeh. Piimt-i.i ii*i 
Ji-ff 66 

Linda 75 

b banner i 
£dwt», ©r< 
ULjrd- Mont' .! 
hams. Ileal If < 
liams. Mart\ u>- 
:ii!am» r mhn 97 
ill ui int. Sandy 67. 
WIILIamiflbby 67 


Williamson KeUsa 67 
Wllmoth, Jonathan 67 
Wllmoth, Susan 79 
Wilson. Ambci 
Winesett, Karen 67. in 
Wiihersp«nn. Tonya 67 
Wolfe. Joan 67 
Bill 73 
Douglas 67 
Frances 79 
Jamie 67 
Jay 67. 99 

Wood. John 29, 79 
Wood, Miranda 67, 86 
Wood I e, Rob 67 
Woodte, Janie 67 
Wood ring, vena 67 
Woodruff. Anne Marie 73 
Woodruff, Kathy 5, 52, 79 
Woodruff, Tonya 67 
Woods, Alison 114, 128 
W00dS r BCth 67 
WQultirettyCp Hit h 79 
woolen, Tasha 67 
worth, Susan 76, 79 
Wright. FJevCrty 29, 67 
Wright. Rritf 7, 
WrighL Jenni 
Wright. John 
Wright. Kerry 67 
Wright. Myra 10! 
Wykes, Jessica, 67 







Yopps Chris 51. 79, 102 
Yopp, Fianrtey 67 
Yopo, mhe 62. 07 
York. Keilh 37. 95 
York. Shannon 29 
York, VlcKy 79 
YOurtg, ChrisLlna 67 
Younger. Benny 79, 93, 117 
Younger. Rhonda 93 
Youni, Brian 6? 

IndCX. 127 


Feeblexheers to auld- fang s^ne*, 
>_A.Jpast to.rficfcli saccess; ■ - ■• 

Partings of We. hearts artti minds; 

Time* for a.'.real world' test, 

And, as they he'ad their separate ways' 
> A brief glance to, the past. 

The glasses ring a melody : — 
, A chime that never lasts. 

So. on to. the tomorrows, 

Tor time is much too sweet 

To miss one minute of today 

That might make life complete. * 

- FSR 

128 Epilogue 


A class of ten Surry Community College students 
produced the 1992-93 edition of the Lancer, The 
staffs advisor was Miss ram Ring. Editor-in-chief was 
Qina Martin. The Lancer was printed by Josten's 
American Yearbook Company in Clarksviile. Tennes- 
see, Josten's local representative was Harry Thomas. 

This volume contains 128 pages and had a press 
run of 300 copies. Gloss * 209 was used for the inside 
pages and the book's binding was sewn. Teal * 758 
with applied colors white # 325 and pink # 364 were 
used on the Styleline silhscreen cover The end- 
sheets are white with turquoise Ink. The base ink 
color is black with some copy printed in reversed 
white lettering,. The type is Benguiat Book with 8* 
point captions and lOpoint body copy. Headlines 
vary In point size. 

Ail layouts were designed by the staff and advisor, 
except portrait pages, which follow Josten's E-Z De- 
sign • s 7-54, 7-54-A, 7-55, and 7-55-A- Fortrait pho- 
tos were taken by Jeff B use h or of Ola n Mills Studios, 
Candid pictures were taken by staff members and the 
advisor. Other photos were provided by volunteers 
such as Jen Ring, Mike Andrews, Grant Rooks, Julie 
HilL and hathy Kiser. 

Special thanks to Bonnie Edgerton, Jen Ring, Su- 
san Fendergraft the Student Services and Adminis- 
trative secretaries, Tony Searcy, Gene BlackwelL Car- 
los Surratt Chris Yopp, Jennifer Qordon, Margaret 
Shepherd, and everyone else who helped identify 
photos or accommodated us in some other way. 
Warm appreciation to Carlyle Shepherd for support 
and Larry Scott and his students for the beautiful 
storage unit.